Wednesday, May 3, 2017

There Are Places I Remember. . .

Well it has come again, that time where everyone gets to start over. Transfers. And for me I guess I get another opportunity to move and grow.

I found out this morning that I am going back to Topeka, I will be serving in the Colly Creek ward with Elder Thompson. I am super sad that I am leaving McPherson, was kinda hoping I would be able to stay for 6 months, but instead it's my second 3 transfer area.

Anyway this week was good, we went on exchanges, did a lot of tracting, and found some cool people to work with!

So on exchanges we had a bunch of people that we wanted to try and see, but none of them were home. So I just started going and trying former investigators, less actives, potential investigators, and it worked out pretty well. We were trying a former, who didn't answer, and we see a guy walking down the street. So we ran out and talked to him, apparently he met with the missionaries when he was living in Hutchinson and knows quite a bit about the church, he has even come a number of times. But Dre, that's his name, was walking to work so we didn't have a ton of time to talk so we got his info to set up another time to meet up with him.

Later on in the day we went to go visit Jim and Gayle, well they were out mowing the lawn and asked us to come back. But when we were talking I looked down the road and saw some two year old kid just running down the street by himself, and I said "I don't think that child should be out here alone". So we chased him down and started looking for a possible place of where he could have come from, we found it. We knocked on his mom's door, she hadn't realized that she left the door unlocked and she didn't know he had left. Well the whole situation started because she didn't give him juice. Anyway we got a return appointment with her.

This week Elder Jordan and I did a lot of tracting, we knocked quite a few blocks of a pretty nice neighborhood and got a few return appointments. Then we just started knocking the nicest houses we could find, just for fun, nobody answered.

So we decided to try and contact every single member in McPherson that we didn't know, it took us about 20 minutes to look through the ward roster and find them all, and 10 minutes to try and visit them all. So now I can say that I have visited, or tried to visit every single member in McPherson!

Sunday we had a super fun Dinner at the Kynsaton's house. They are a super cool family, they had a son just leave on his mission and have 3 daughters at home. Brother Kynaston is a dentist and owns a practice in town. They had another family over for dinner as well. They smoked pork for over 10 hours and we had pulled pork sandwiches, they were the bomb! Then we played some games and had some fun getting to know each other.

It was a super fun and awesome week, I really am sad that I am leaving. Especially because of the bonds and relationships I have with the members here. But I look forward to this upcoming transfer!


-Elder Andrasko

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