Monday, May 29, 2017

Say a Little Prayer

Hey everyone, happy Memorial Day!!

So this week has been great! We started off  Tuesday with an awesome
Zone Conference! During interviews President asked me to study the
Doctrine of Christ, and that was something that was touched on a lot
during Zone Conference. So that was cool. I got so much awesome
revelation at Zone Conference and l really enjoyed myself.

Also Elder Smack was there, and we had a great time just chilling and
talking about the good times in McPherson.

We've been working a lot this week with John, and occasionally his
wife Laura. John has been going through a lot this week. His sister
has been in an out of the hospital with cancer and John is not doing
well with it. We gave him Alma 40 to read, which talks about life
after death and the resurrection. We haven't followed up on the
reading, but hopefully he read it and found some comfort in it. John
is also struggling to find his answer about the church, we think part
of it may have to do with living the word of wisdom. Hopefully as he
tries to live this commandment he will have the spirit to let him know
what is right, and to find some comfort. We also watched the
restoration movie with him, so that was cool.

We tried a lot of potentials this week just a ton of people we hadn't
tried or had never seen. We met a few people but it wasn't the most

We did an awesome hike as a zone, and near the end we had a big
thunderstorm. We barely finished he hike when the heavens opened and
the rain just started coming down. It was a pretty great storm.

When church came around this week we were hoping for three or four
people to come, but each one had a reason, or excuse why they
couldn't. John unfortunately got sick, so he had a pretty good excuse.

Today we had a super awesome Memorial Day! We went to a member's house
for lunch and we did a lot. We played spike ball, bocci ball,
basketball, and had some fun with water balloons. It was us and the
zone leaders, cause they are also in our ward.

Not a whole lot to talk about this week, but I had an awesome week of
studies and learned a ton. I love my mission so much and am grateful
for my chance to serve!

Have a killer week!

- Elder Andrasko

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