Monday, May 15, 2017

Home on the Range

Hello one and all!!

Well here I am back in Topeka, and man did I miss it. I am serving in the Colly Creek Ward and it is so cool, we have probably the coolest ward mission leader ever and the members are the bomb.

So the beginning of the week was filled with fun times and goodbyes. On our way to say bye to a member we saw wild buffalo! So of course we had to stop and take lots of pictures. There was a lot of goodbyes to say, and it was sad. But I'm sure Elder Jordan will take good care of McPherson!

So transfers come along, and I got to see a lot of familiar faces, like Elder Colemere and Elder Stirling!! It's always fun to catch up with people that you served with. Then I found Elder Thompson and off we went to Topeka!

Well things started getting pretty messy right away, not in the companionship we're pretty good there, but the car started overheating! So we had to pull over, and I watched as all of the coolant disappeared from the car. So we bought some more and drove to Topeka very very slowly. A trip that usually takes 2 hours took nearly 7! So we had to put our car in the shop, turns out it had a leaky water pump, and it took a few days for them to replace. So it was bikes for us.

So there are a few really cool people that we are working with, we currently have three people working towards a baptismal date. But I haven't had the opportunity to meet one of them.

One is an 8-year old from a part member family, he turns 9 on the 26th of this month. So if he comes to church 3 times he can get baptized on the 27th.

Another is a 19 year old who the missionaries have been working with for awhile. I have yet to meet the other person who is currently working towards a baptismal date.

So a cool thing that happened while we were trying to get people to church. We went to go see Isaiah, the 19 year old, to see if he wanted to come to church. He said he'd probably come, but he didn't want a ride so he was going to walk. So we suggested that we walk with him, it's about 2 miles, so we started walking. But it was hot and a long walk and it was looking like we were going to be late, but then a miracle! The 8 year old was riding his bike and he went and asked if he wanted to come to church. Then we got a ride from his less active mom, so us, a less-active member, and two investigators who want to get baptized were all in the car on our way to church! it was so awesome!!

Not too much more to talk about, but it was a great week! I am really looking forward to my time here in Topeka and all the stuff I have to learn.

Love y'all tons and have a suuuper week!
-Elder Andrasko

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