Monday, July 24, 2017

Sailin' On

Just Elder Andrasko and the boys!

Us and Ricky, Monica, and Daniel

Zone Activity - found some hay!

Found my name in a pamphlet from another church
Hey everyone!

So this week is transfer week, and unfortunately I will be leaving
Colly Creek :( but I am staying in Topeka and am reopening an area in
the Sherwood Ward. So Topeka has 4 wards and this will be the 3rd that
I will serve in! So that's cool. So one of the APs is coming into our
area of Colly Creek to train a new missionary, so all of our
investigators will be in good hands.

We had a good week of progression with our investigators, especially
Ricky and Monica. We gave them a children's Book of Mormon to read and
they finished it within a week! They are just soaking everything in.
Then on exchanges we taught them the plan of salvation and drew it out
for them, the next day when we came back with Elder Thompson they
explained the plan really well! Monica unfortunately wasn't able to
come to church this week because of certain circumstances, but she's
been to church before so it could probably get approved for her to get
baptized on the 5th with Ricky. But Ricky is so excited for his

John came to church his week, he really looks forward to priesthood at
the end. He loves studying out of the president Hinkley manual. So he
was sad this week when the lesson was from general conference. But we
really encouraged him to read over the talk they gave him, "perfect
love casteth out fear" by President Uchtdorf.

Sorry for the short email, but things are good. Just a lot to think
about for the coming transfer! My new companions name is Elder
Nathaniel Christianson, just to clarify because there are like 3 other
Elder Christiansons in the mission.

Have a killer week!

- Elder Andrasko

Monday, July 17, 2017

With a Little Help From My Friends

So this week was great! We started working with some pretty elect
people and had a few awesome days out working.

So last week during the APs interview training they challenged us to
have 30 new contacts every day. So that was something that we had been
working on throughout the week. And Wednesday our work started
producing fruit! We found 10 new investigators Wednesday alone! Some
of them are a part member family, named the Crawford's. There is a 9
(soon to be 10) year old, a 15 year old, and an 8 year old. So the 8
year old wouldn't be a convert baptism, but that doesn't matter still
try to help everyone we can!

We met them a few weeks ago but we're never able to sit down and have
a lesson with them until this last week. Their dad told us to come by
sometime when he isn't home and talk to his wife. So we did just that,
and she was 100% on board for working to get the kids baptized! The
dad is the one who is a little hesitant, but they came to church this
week and have been reading from the children's Book of Mormon! So

John is still the same. He wasn't able to come to church this week
because he was sick. But he told us that he hasn't felt the spirit in
years, we've told him that he'll feel the Spirit if he quits smoking
but that's something that is hard for him. But we'll continue to work
with him on that.

So Tuesday we had zone conference this week. Which means I got to
see some of my missionary friends! And of course it meant awesome
revelation from 9-5. And the food was pretty good too. But wow our
mission president is an amazing and inspired man.

Another cool thing that happened, not really related to missionary
work, there was a wedding! But not just any wedding, but a Samoan
wedding! So needless to say there was a LOT of food. It's too bad we
only have an hour for dinner, the celebration was awesome and a lot of
fun dancing and stuff. All the guests got a lavalava, too bad I can't
wear it proselyting cause it's pretty awesome.

So crazy thing that happened, we came home one night and there was a
bat in our building!! We walk in and it started swooping down at us,
so we tried chasing it out of the building. But it just wouldn't
leave! It finally perched out above the exit sign. It was an

There's a new policy in the mission that every 5th week of the
transfer we have to do a "deep clean" so we took a couple hours,
longer than I thought, to clean every inch of our apartment. It was a
good workout, I started sweating!

The mission is awesome. I love every moment!  This is the last week of
the transfer so next week things could be changing up.

Love y'all, have a fantastic week!

- Elder Andrasko

The Circle of Life

Hey! Just another week in paradise!

So this week was July 4th, which was awesome! A member invited us over
for lunch and service. When we got there they had someone that we had
never met before, his name was Jason and he's from Kansas City. Anyway
through certain circumstances his dog ended up in Topeka with these
members and he came to get it. He helped us a ton with our service.
And afterwards we had a killer restoration lesson with him. We got him
referred over to the Missouri Independence Mission, hopefully
something good comes from that.

We saw a couple fireworks over at a members house, they had a few
pretty big ones so it was cool to see those go off. But they had a
couple crazy kids who set a garbage can on fire and threw firecrackers
at each other's faces. So after all that stuff it was time for us to
go home, we saw them later and nobody got hurt too bad.

Friday we had interviews with our mission president!! Now that is
always super awesome, we talked and he helped me with a few things and
gave me really good advice. We were also able to see John and we
talked a lot about the word of wisdom and he committed to at least try
it for 24 hours from Saturday at 2:30 to Sunday at 2:30
. Unfortunately
he wasn't able to completely abstain, but he did better.

During the training that the APs gave during the interviews they
committed us to having 30 contacts a day. So that's something we have
been working to achieve.

We were able to have a good day at church on Sunday; John, Eddie, and
Mequila came to church and stayed for all 3 hours! For John and Eddie
it was their first time staying for priesthood. They went to High
Priests and they loved it! It was an awesome Sunday.

Sorry for the shorter letter, but not too much to talk about this
week. We have zone conference tomorrow and I will be able to see a few
friends from around the mission!

Have a great week!

- Elder Andrasko

Sunday, July 9, 2017

God Bless America

Hello everyone!

So I don't have a lot of time to email today, we just got back from a
zone activity. We did a road trip around Topeka and took pictures at
different locations. It was pretty fun, we ended at Lake Shawnee and
had a BBQ and had water balloons and stuff! It was way fun!

We had a cool day this week, it was raining and we ran out of miles so
we were on bikes. But we Skyped a couple people, and had a lesson with
John at the church.

Things have been good here, my birthday was fun. We had a party at the
Strong's house, it was a grand ol' time.

Sorry for the short email, but not a lot of time.

Have a great week and I love y'all!

- Elder Andrasko

Sweet Hour of Prayer

Haircuts courtesy of Elder Ortmann
Things missionaries do...

Hello once more!

This week was pretty awesome! He had people at church, we have people preparing for baptism, and we found some awesome new investigators

So to start with the new investigators. Roy Knisley (nicely), we got a referral and they said he was super prepared and elect and that he wanted to come to church this week! Well we saw that he was already in our area book as a former. Missionaries met with him like 2 years ago and gave him a Book of Mormon, well he read it in a week and said he didn't believe it. Anyways fast forward two years, he was listening to the MOTAB on YouTube and there is a thing that says, "talk to mormons" so he started talking and said he wants to come to our church! Well we went over there that day, we found out that him and his pastor are butting heads a little and that's probably why he wants to check out our church. Side note his pastor is a woman and makes upwards of $90,000 a year! Anyway he committed to coming to church and praying about baptism.

So we currently have two people preparing for baptism. The first is John!! Well John is praying about a date, specifically the 22nd. We shared a quote from President Uchtdorf's talk "The Hope of God's Light" it says, "...spiritual light rarely comes to those who merely sit in darkness waiting for someone to flip a switch. It takes an act of faith to open our eyes to the Light of Christ". And so we invited him to act on his faith and commit to baptism.

The other person preparing for baptism is Danielle, she was also a referral, from the Zone Leaders and before them from her daughter. Her daughter was recently baptized in Wichita and moved back to Topeka because of a bad living situation. Anyways Danielle is a nice lady, but has a bad smoking addiction, so we committed her to living the word of wisdom. We also asked if she was still thinking about baptism, after her affirmative response we invited her to the 22nd of July. She checked her calendar to make sure she was free, then wrote it down! We are still working with her to live the word of wisdom, but she has cut down from 30 cigarettes to 10, so it's awesome progress!!

Hank, we haven't been able to see this week. Which sucks, so we don't know where he is progression-wise. Eddie, we didn't see until Sunday night. I was a little worried because he didn't seem super happy last time we saw him. But he was back to his happy, cheerful, self. He had like 6 people over at his house though, so it wasn't a good time to see him. But we said we'd come back Monday or Tuesday.

We had a really great lesson on the word of wisdom with Makila. She's a pretty heavy smoker, but she knows she needs to live it. We used he whole body is a temple analogy, showed a picture of a temple and compared how you wouldn't want to go in a temple all muddy and tracking dirt all over. Well it's the same with our bodies, when we violate the word of wisdom we are tracking mud into our temple causing it to be dirty. Makila was super committed to church this week, but when her ride came to pick her up she wasn't feeling good. Something about a dizzy spell.

Our district meeting this week we talked about consecration. And that's something that I've been thinking about a lot. We read a great talk called "becoming a consecrated missionary" by Tad R. Callister , so here's a few things I liked about that talk. When we become consecrated to the Lord we are not just changing our behavior but changing our nature. A mission is about what the Lord wants, not what I want. We must do more than tell Book of Mormon stories, we must live them. The Lord will not let us be content with our weaknesses. So there's just a few things that I took from the talk. The mission is such an awesome opportunity to learn and to grow, never again will I have so much of my time dedicated to learning and teaching the gospel. It's crazy how much he Lord help us to grow during these short two years.

Love y'all tons and have an awesome week!

- Elder Andrasko

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I Believe in Miracles!

The Zone!

Crazy Clouds

First of all happy Father's Day. We had a good week and saw some miracles.

So this week was transfers, there were only 3 changes in our entire
zone. So it won't be too hard to get to know the new faces.

One miracle that happened was we went to meet a former investigator,
Hank, and he let us in and remembered just about everything that the
missionaries had taught him previously, including the word of wisdom.
He had just poured some tea before we got there and when talking to us
he just said, "I know I shouldn't be drinking his" and so after our
lesson he was invited to pour it out and he did! He invited him to a
baptismal date and time church and he agreed to both. We followed up
with him throughout the week and Saturday he said he would be there.

Unfortunately Sunday when going to make sure he was awake and still
committed to coming, he wasn't home. So we left to head towards church
and we see him out walking his dog! But he told us he wouldn't come
this week. So that's something to work on this coming week, to
progress him and build a burning desire!

On Sunday we had a really cool lesson with a man named Jonathan. When
Jonathan was 18 he lived in a bad part of town and the house he was
living in got "shot up" and he was hit between the shoulder blades and
caused him to be paralyzed. And so he has been confined to a
wheelchair for the last 20 years. But he is very self sufficient, he
has a full-time job, he drives, and lives a normal life. But he has
been struggling financially the past little bit, anyways we were able
to have an awesome lesson with him, and invited him to baptism, it was
a soft invite, he didn't accept it but he didn't say no. He just said
he needs to learn more. He's an awesome guy and the gospel would
benefit him tremendously, I'm confident as he continues to read, pray,
and starts coming to church he will accept the gospel into his life.

John  is still an interesting case, he is really awesome at
praying daily, he reads most days but isn't 100% at it, and he has
been to church a few times. But he still hasn't received his answer
about the church or the Book of Mormon. I guess I just need to focus
my studies more on how to help him, and to focus our lessons more on
the Doctrine of Christ.

We had a strange lesson with Eddie this week, we were talking about
prayer and at the end of the lesson we invited him to pray. He said
that he didn't want to, so I said I would pray. And right before I
prayed he said that he didn't feel like asking for anything so he got
up and went inside. It was pretty strange.

Things are good, Kansas is super hot. The humidity is really awful,
it's impossible to cool down, the shade is just as hot as in the sun.

I love Kansas and my mission so much, I've learned a ton and am
learning more every day.

Have a great week!

- Elder Andrasko

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book of Mormon Stories

This week was a bike was rather awful.

So we went over on miles so we were parked for a week. My bike is
pretty bad so it made it even worse.

So we biked all over town, because none of investigators live next to
each other.

We started teaching this super awesome guy named Jonathan, he is in a
wheelchair. So we had a pretty good lesson with him about the
restoration. He works a lot, which is good, so it's hard to catch up
with him. He wasn't able to come to church this week, but hopefully in
the future.

One cool thing that happened was we went to try a former investigator,
but she didn't live there anymore. But we met a cool girl named
Emarie, (spelling?). But she was super nice and willing to listen, then
her mom came home. And she was super nice! In fact she even gave us
ice pops!! It was great.

One funny thing that happened this week is all of the pizza we ate!!
Three dinners in a row we had pizza, needless to say it wasn't a good
combination with biking.

We had a pretty good week with John, we got him more committed to
reading the Book of Mormon more, and he did it! He read 8 chapters in
a day! John is so awesome, I have no doubt that he will, get baptized

Eddie has been doing OK, he is still struggling with the word of
wisdom. But we have been helping him to pray often, he hasn't been
reading as often.

Sorry for the short email, but not a whole lot to write about this
week. But love y'all and have a great week!

- Elder Andrasko

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Stayin' Alive

Hey one and all!

So this last week was pretty sweet!!

So Tuesday we went on exchanges, and once again I went to Hiawatha!
Well we actually went past Hiawatha  to Sabetha, and we had a few
people to try but other than that we just went on foot tracking the
whole day! Now I haven't walked all day for a very long time, not
since December and by the end of it my feet were sore as can be. But
we met 2 people who said we could come back! Yay 😁😁 then at the end
of the day Elder Anderson took me to see a few sights in town, one of
them was a weeping angel...if you've seen Dr. Who you would know that
these things are no good, but it wasn't like the actual one from the
show but it is an angel that is in fact weeping. And it came out
before the show did so it still counts. But we had fun and stayed up
wayyy to late. And while I was gone the elders had a great lesson with
our investigator.

Wednesday there wasn't really anything to talk about, we saw our investigator.
He's still struggling with a few things, but he is slowly progressing.
The neat thing is he is really getting into the Book of Mormon, now we
just need to have him pray more and start coming to church.

So this week we have been getting referrals like crazy, mostly people
who speak English from the Spanish missionaries. One we received was
all the way out in the middle of nowhere, but he was a cool guy, and
as it turns out he is already a member. But he has a non-member
girlfriend whose name is Egypt, so that's pretty neat. The only
downside is that they are planning  on moving to Lawrence, so we'll
have to get their new address and have missionaries there go see them.

So that was on Thursday -  we also saw another contact Thursday -  and had a
super good lesson on the plan of salvation. She has been reading the
children's Book of Mormon to her kids and everyone has been loving it.
So they had a few questions for us from their reading. She is
super awesome and is looking for a church for her kids, she's super
accepting of everything, we just need to commit her to living the

Friday we had a lot of appointments fall through, but we met a nice
lady. We were supposed to have an investigator come to soccer but she
never showed so that was lame.

Saturday was awesome! So we started a 24 hour mission wide fast to
help us change. And we definitely saw some miracles from that. So
first off we met some really sick people. We had an awesome spiritual
lesson with John W  this week, we weren't able to see him for a
few days due to him being sick or gone, but when we saw him he related
to us a dream he had. In his dream he saw a pillar of light near his
feet on the bed, and in this light was God and Jesus and they told
him, "As long as you believe in me I'll take care of you". John isn't
quite sure how to interpret the dream, but hopefully today at church
he received some revelation and an answer to if he should get
baptized. We also found out that John had never prayed about the Book
of Mormon, we had invited him to do that a lot, but he never got
around to it. So we were able to read Moroni 10 with him and pray with
him if the Book of Mormon is true. The spirit was so strong, it was
awesome. John said he was 110% committed to coming to church.

Then John came to church!! He's still waiting for his answer, I think
we need to follow up with him. But it was an awesome awesome day. Then
for dinner the members had a super nice camera and we took some nice

So anyways we as a mission have all committed to being 100% obedient
this entire month. Our mission president said it'll be a super hard
month, but if we are committed to it we will all baptize and reach our
triple digit vision as a mission!! Which is 100 baptisms in a month.

Anyways this week was great, lots of fun and good progression in our

Love y'all and have a good week!

- Elder Andrasko

Monday, May 29, 2017

Say a Little Prayer

Hey everyone, happy Memorial Day!!

So this week has been great! We started off  Tuesday with an awesome
Zone Conference! During interviews President asked me to study the
Doctrine of Christ, and that was something that was touched on a lot
during Zone Conference. So that was cool. I got so much awesome
revelation at Zone Conference and l really enjoyed myself.

Also Elder Smack was there, and we had a great time just chilling and
talking about the good times in McPherson.

We've been working a lot this week with John, and occasionally his
wife Laura. John has been going through a lot this week. His sister
has been in an out of the hospital with cancer and John is not doing
well with it. We gave him Alma 40 to read, which talks about life
after death and the resurrection. We haven't followed up on the
reading, but hopefully he read it and found some comfort in it. John
is also struggling to find his answer about the church, we think part
of it may have to do with living the word of wisdom. Hopefully as he
tries to live this commandment he will have the spirit to let him know
what is right, and to find some comfort. We also watched the
restoration movie with him, so that was cool.

We tried a lot of potentials this week just a ton of people we hadn't
tried or had never seen. We met a few people but it wasn't the most

We did an awesome hike as a zone, and near the end we had a big
thunderstorm. We barely finished he hike when the heavens opened and
the rain just started coming down. It was a pretty great storm.

When church came around this week we were hoping for three or four
people to come, but each one had a reason, or excuse why they
couldn't. John unfortunately got sick, so he had a pretty good excuse.

Today we had a super awesome Memorial Day! We went to a member's house
for lunch and we did a lot. We played spike ball, bocci ball,
basketball, and had some fun with water balloons. It was us and the
zone leaders, cause they are also in our ward.

Not a whole lot to talk about this week, but I had an awesome week of
studies and learned a ton. I love my mission so much and am grateful
for my chance to serve!

Have a killer week!

- Elder Andrasko

What a Wonderful World

Well this week was another great one! We had interviews with our
mission president, exchanges, and a great week at church.

Tuesday we did exchanges and I got the opportunity to go to Hiawatha
on exchanges! It was an hour and a half drive up, and on the way was
the only 711 in Kansas! So I got my first slurpee since I was last in
Utah! Then we went to Falls City, Nebraska! So I left Kansas for the
first time in 14 months, it looked the same as Kansas but a lot more
Nebraska license plates. There was an odd experience during dinner, a
kid came in with blood all over his face. He crashed on his bike and
got pretty messed up. But all in all it was a good exchange and we
found a new investigator!

We worked a lot with John  and his family, in fact almost
everyone said they would pray about getting baptized. And we're
committed to coming to church. We showed them a lot of conference
talks and they thought it was awesome. We talked a lot about the Plan
of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ. They are starting to
understand the Plan and have lots of great questions for us.

There is a woman  we have been working with, we have a
standing appointment every Tuesday and Thursday at 5. They love us
coming over, but it's hard to be able to teach a solid lesson because
of how hectic everything is. But they were committed to church this

We taught 
Eddie  the Word of Wisdom this week, he understood why we
have it, but not sure if he is willing to live it yet. He wasn't able
to come to church this week, he said he had a lot of things to do
around the house. He's kind of a hoarder so there's just a lot of junk
around his yard and house. But we'll continue to meet with him and
help him live the WoW.

This week was interviews! It was so awesome, I was the first one from
the district to be interviewed and I was in there for like 45 minutes.
No I didn't do anything wrong, but he gave me a lot of advice on
construction stuff!! He talked to me about it for like 30 minutes. It
was awesome, but a lot of information to take in all at once. So I'll
have to talk to him about it some more later.

So church came around this week and he were hoping for like 7 people
to come. But unfortunately John said his family wasn't feeling to well so 

John came by himself. One investigator didn't come, but one came with her 
3 young kids.

I taught Sunday school, so that was fun. I was still a little sick so
I tried to have it be as much of a discussion as possible.

But all in all it was a good week, fun and productive.

Love ya!

- Elder Andrasko

Monday, May 15, 2017

Called to Serve (reprise)

Hello everyone, and happy Mother's Day! This week was, mostly, great!
We had awesome lessons with our investigators, we did some really fun
service, we had someone come to church, we got to talk with our
families, and I got sick. So like I said, mostly awesome week!

So Tuesday after district meeting we went to visit a few of our
investigators and one of them wasn't sure about modern day prophets.
And so we showed a talk I had downloaded, "safety for the soul" by
Elder Holland. And after Elder Holland testified boldly of the Book of
Mormon, we followed his lead and testified. I can't remember that last
time I was so bold in a lesson.

Well the next lesson someone similar happened while we were teaching
our investigator  about the Plan of Salvation, it was a
really awesome lesson and we helped him understand it better. And he
committed to pray, read, and come to church. Unfortunately his
grandson had a graduation this week so he won't be able to come until
next week. We saw him and his wife again during the week. And
before the wife had voiced concern about the role of women in the church,
so we had a cool lesson about that and we listened to the talk
"Certain Women" by Sister Linda K. Burton. Afterwards she said she
has no question that women play a big part of the church.

We had a cool service opportunity this week with NAMI (national
alliance on mental illness) Kansas. They were doing a 5K walk/run, so
no we did not do the 5K, but we helped with the take down; chairs,
tables, etc. We also took pictures with a bunch of people and had them
hold up pictures of Jesus.

We were able to work a lot with our investigator Eddie. His blind cat
got hit by a car this week, so it was an opportunity for us to teach
the Plan of Salvation. He was able to make it to church son that was
cool. Later we had the chance to Skype our families, yay! I later was
sent to the doctor by the mission medical coordinator because I though
I had pink eye, but it turns out my eyeball just got scratched. But
then it turns out I had a fever, it got pretty bad and I had a
miserable night last night.

But all-in-all it was a great week! Saw some great progression in our
investigators and had fun working and doing service! Looking forward
to another great week!

- Elder Andrasko