Monday, May 29, 2017

What a Wonderful World

Well this week was another great one! We had interviews with our
mission president, exchanges, and a great week at church.

Tuesday we did exchanges and I got the opportunity to go to Hiawatha
on exchanges! It was an hour and a half drive up, and on the way was
the only 711 in Kansas! So I got my first slurpee since I was last in
Utah! Then we went to Falls City, Nebraska! So I left Kansas for the
first time in 14 months, it looked the same as Kansas but a lot more
Nebraska license plates. There was an odd experience during dinner, a
kid came in with blood all over his face. He crashed on his bike and
got pretty messed up. But all in all it was a good exchange and we
found a new investigator!

We worked a lot with John  and his family, in fact almost
everyone said they would pray about getting baptized. And we're
committed to coming to church. We showed them a lot of conference
talks and they thought it was awesome. We talked a lot about the Plan
of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ. They are starting to
understand the Plan and have lots of great questions for us.

There is a woman  we have been working with, we have a
standing appointment every Tuesday and Thursday at 5. They love us
coming over, but it's hard to be able to teach a solid lesson because
of how hectic everything is. But they were committed to church this

We taught 
Eddie  the Word of Wisdom this week, he understood why we
have it, but not sure if he is willing to live it yet. He wasn't able
to come to church this week, he said he had a lot of things to do
around the house. He's kind of a hoarder so there's just a lot of junk
around his yard and house. But we'll continue to meet with him and
help him live the WoW.

This week was interviews! It was so awesome, I was the first one from
the district to be interviewed and I was in there for like 45 minutes.
No I didn't do anything wrong, but he gave me a lot of advice on
construction stuff!! He talked to me about it for like 30 minutes. It
was awesome, but a lot of information to take in all at once. So I'll
have to talk to him about it some more later.

So church came around this week and he were hoping for like 7 people
to come. But unfortunately John said his family wasn't feeling to well so 

John came by himself. One investigator didn't come, but one came with her 
3 young kids.

I taught Sunday school, so that was fun. I was still a little sick so
I tried to have it be as much of a discussion as possible.

But all in all it was a good week, fun and productive.

Love ya!

- Elder Andrasko

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