Monday, May 15, 2017

Called to Serve (reprise)

Hello everyone, and happy Mother's Day! This week was, mostly, great!
We had awesome lessons with our investigators, we did some really fun
service, we had someone come to church, we got to talk with our
families, and I got sick. So like I said, mostly awesome week!

So Tuesday after district meeting we went to visit a few of our
investigators and one of them wasn't sure about modern day prophets.
And so we showed a talk I had downloaded, "safety for the soul" by
Elder Holland. And after Elder Holland testified boldly of the Book of
Mormon, we followed his lead and testified. I can't remember that last
time I was so bold in a lesson.

Well the next lesson someone similar happened while we were teaching
our investigator  about the Plan of Salvation, it was a
really awesome lesson and we helped him understand it better. And he
committed to pray, read, and come to church. Unfortunately his
grandson had a graduation this week so he won't be able to come until
next week. We saw him and his wife again during the week. And
before the wife had voiced concern about the role of women in the church,
so we had a cool lesson about that and we listened to the talk
"Certain Women" by Sister Linda K. Burton. Afterwards she said she
has no question that women play a big part of the church.

We had a cool service opportunity this week with NAMI (national
alliance on mental illness) Kansas. They were doing a 5K walk/run, so
no we did not do the 5K, but we helped with the take down; chairs,
tables, etc. We also took pictures with a bunch of people and had them
hold up pictures of Jesus.

We were able to work a lot with our investigator Eddie. His blind cat
got hit by a car this week, so it was an opportunity for us to teach
the Plan of Salvation. He was able to make it to church son that was
cool. Later we had the chance to Skype our families, yay! I later was
sent to the doctor by the mission medical coordinator because I though
I had pink eye, but it turns out my eyeball just got scratched. But
then it turns out I had a fever, it got pretty bad and I had a
miserable night last night.

But all-in-all it was a great week! Saw some great progression in our
investigators and had fun working and doing service! Looking forward
to another great week!

- Elder Andrasko

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