Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Best of Times

Zone Conference with Elder Stanfill

Josh's Baptism!!!!!

At the Kansas City Temple

With my good friend Elder Smack

Hello everyone!!

So I am writing today, Tuesday, because we changed our pday so we could come to the temple! Which we just finished with. We left at 9:30 to make it to the 11:30 session. But it was the first time I was able to attend my entire mission! The only time I will attend on my mission.

Anyway this week was amazing because...Josh got Baptized!

So this was a really busy week, we had a visiting General Authority Seventy, Elder Stanfill! He came and had zone conference with us and the Manhattan and Lawrence zones. He has thoughts and words to share with us, and at the end we had a full hour for Q&A. It was pretty amazing, and I learned a lot of new things.

We had three days of interaction with both him and President McCuistion because of Zone and Stake Conference.

So we spent a lot of the week out finding and we met this really cool guy named Eric! We had a good first contact and he told us that his grandparents were Mormons and he invited us to come back. When we came back he said he told his mom we came by and he found out that she was also baptized a member, we invited him to stake conference but he didn’t make it. Anyway he is super open and hopefully we can continue to teach him.

Yesterday, Monday, as we were out proselyting, which was weird, we met a cool couple that said there were looking for a church to go to and their 7 year old was at the phase where he was asking a lot of questions. So we talked to them about the church and how it benefits families, and a little bit about the restoration. They seemed cool, hopefully we will see them again.

We have an investigator who has like 7 kids. So we stopped by to see them, and we found out they her and her boyfriend of like 10 years broke up! So that was sad, we told her we would come back and talk more to her, but she wasn’t home when we came by.

So the highlight of the week was, of course, the baptism of our good friend Josh! It was a smaller service, which is ok, and Elder Fielding was able to perform his 2nd baptism of his mission! Unfortunately due to stake conference Josh wasn’t confirmed on Sunday, so we have to wait until this coming Sunday, so we’ll keep him on track so he doesn’t fall off before his baptism is “complete”!

Again the temple was AMAZING! Super awesome week, and glad for every moment I have to be a missionary, have a great week!

- Elder Andrasko

Monday, November 13, 2017

Missionary Man

Hello everyone!

It was a great week,  lots of progression and some good times too. 

Monday we went bowling! I haven't been for a super long time so it was pretty dope, scored like 113. So not too bad.

So we planned to go to the temple next week, but temple is closed Monday so we are going Tuesday and changing our p day to then. So emailing will be done then! 

Anyway Wednesday was pretty good. We were asked by the young men's President to talk to the young men about how to prepare missionary meals, and things we wish we had known before our mission. It was really fun!

We had interviews with our mission President this week! It was super rad, President called me an old fart during the interview. I also got a new temple recommend! 

We went on exchanges this week! We did lots of tracting and we actually met a few nice people who said we could come back. One was a really sweet old black lady in a wheelchair. There was another family with tons of people who lived there said we could come back after Sunday.

We've worked really hard with Josh thus week, to make sure he lives the commandments and make sure he is prepared for his baptism. His interview is this week so fingers crossed! If he passes he will get baptized on Saturday! Exciting!

Things are really good here and I love the work. We have zone conference this week with a member of the Seventy, Elder Stanfill. It will be a great time! 

Love y'all tons! Have a great week!

-Elder Andrasko 

Monday, November 6, 2017

This week had some crazy stuff in it...including a police raid and arrest.

Hello everybody!!

This week had some crazy stuff in it...including a police raid and arrest.

So Tuesday was Halloween, so we had to be in at 7. Oh also Monday at FHE we carved pumpkins so had that ready for Halloween. Anyway it was super cold, in fact it snowed like all day...So we went tracting for most of the day, then had dinner with a recent convert family. After we got home we did some weekly planning! Made use of the time that we had. 

One thing that I forgot to mention last week, or maybe it was two weeks ago 🤔, but we started our annual Christmas Book of Mormon challenge. So as a district we've been reading 8 pages a night. So as of last night we are in the book of Enos!

Anyway, we went on exchanges after district meeting on Thursday. I was with Elder Sheets and we did a lot of tracting. And we had pretty good success! Met a few really cool people. But the real exciting stuff was what happened the next morning. So we all stayed the night at Kaw Valley's apartment, I was on my old bed/mattress topper (cause I didn't have a real bed for awhile). Anyway in the morning while we were studying we hear this loud banging below us with a, "POLICE, SEARCH WARRANT, OPEN UP!" And it went on for a few minutes, we look outside and we see a whole swat team standing outside the apartment. 

Anyway the guy in the apartment below us comes out and he gets arrested. And I guess the cops spent most of the day tearing apart the apartment. So more than likely it was a drug bust. But there was lots and lots of police.

Friday we went to see our investigator Josh, who just started living the word of wisdom so he can get baptized, and he made us a traditional dish from his home country of El Salvador! And he gave us lots and lots of food, I was sooo full. Then less than 2 hours later we had dinner! So much food on that one day...

Saturday! We helped two people move on Saturday, it didn't take a ton of time, but it was a lot of work. At 1:30 the sister's investigator was baptized and I was asked to play the piano for it. So it was nice to be able to use my piano skills.

We were supposed to have a baptism, but we had to push back the date. We hopefully have two coming up on the 18th, but that depends on them and their agency!

Anyways things here are really good, we have interviews with the Mission President this week, so that will be cool! Love ya, have a good week!
-Elder Andrasko

Monday, October 30, 2017

Knock, Knock, Knocking...

We changed nametags - and went as each other!!

Hello everybody!

So the start of the week we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders! I went out with Elder Ovard and we went tracting all day! It really was not an eventful day, it was actually probably the most I've ever been rejected in a single day. Nobody even took a pamphlet, so it was tough, but I still feel like I learned a ton! The next morning we went back our into the streets, and it was mostly the same. 

So the temperature dropped this week so we started getting into the 30s and 40s, the nights have been getting in the teens. So pretty chilly, the wind is the worst part.

We've been doing a lot of tracting, but haven't seen much success. But just grinding away! 

So this week we had a dinner with our recent convert, Chris, he had a crazy experience this week. He was shopping at Family Dollar and it got robbed! But he also got a referral for us which was the cashier at the Family Dollar. He said she noticed a change in him and wanted to know what it was from, so he's like, "Oh let me tell you when we're not getting robbed." So we got that coming up in the future.

So when we were tracting we knocked into this super old guy. He invited us in, which was really nice cause it was cold, then preceded to talk to us nonstop for over an hour! There wasn't even a break in the conversation for us to cut in and excuse ourselves. I also have to admit that while he was talking I started to nod off, my only excuse is missionary work is tiring and I am tired almost all day every day! But it took us awhile to get out of there. Super nice guy, seems really lonely, really likes his dog.

So this week we have a possibility of a baptism! We have been working with Ashlynn for a long time now almost 10 weeks. It's been a slow process but if all goes well her baptism will be on Saturday!

Not a lot to update on, but things here are going well!

Love y'all!

Elder Andrasko

Monday, October 23, 2017

Rainy Days and Mondays

Hey Everyone!!

So this week was transfers. Nothing too exciting happened with that though. Almost the entire zone stayed the same, only a few minor changes. But when transfer day came they took our car down to Wichita!! :( :( so we were caught biking for just a little bit. Then when we got our car it had all the new spanish elders stuff in it. But that's ok!

So the day goes on and near the end of the night we decided to go through the recent move in list, so we go and knock on this guys door. So turns out he is a member, but doesn't associate himself with the church. He started verbally attacking us about our beliefs. So I excused ourselves and started walking away, and he started following us! it was pretty strange, so afterwards we decided to have dinner and get rid of those negative feelings we had. But it was memorable nonetheless. 

There isn't a whole lot of exciting things to talk about this week. We had a good lesson with Ashlynn and she is committed to a date for baptism! 

The Sisters also passed off one of their investigators to us. His name is Josh, well it's actually Josué but he goes by Josh. English isn't his first language, but he wants to learn english better so he wants to continue meeting with english missionaries. He's pretty cool, he has good fellowship, he just has to have a strong enough desire to continue on!

So when we have been biking we've run into every cold/rainy day. The temperature has been in like the 60s or 70s everyday except when we bike. And because of this I now have a cold. Maybe the 5th or 6th cold I've gotten on my mission ha...

Today for P-day we went to this place called prairie town, it's like a hidden town in the middle of Topeka with old timey shops and things. So we go into town and walk into a building, it was an old school, there was an old piano and we play on it and stuff, then a guy walks in and says "You're not supposed to be in here, this place is supposed to be locked". So then we had to leave, pretty disappointing haha.

Hope you are all having a great week, I love all y'all!!

Love, Elder Andrasko

Monday, October 16, 2017

I LOVE to See The Temple

Hello Everybody!!

So this was an eventful, memorable, week!

So Tuesday was a fantastic day because we were able to go on a temple trip with a bunch of recent converts from the ward!! So we were able to take our recent convert Chris for the first time to do baptisms for the dead!! Now that is something that I will remember forever, it was just such a sweet spirit there, while we were waiting to go to the font the Temple President came and spoke with us for a few minutes. He was able to answer some questions that people had, and it made the experience a lot more sweet. It was also the first time I was able to attend the temple on my mission, and the first time I have left mission boundaries. So a lot of firsts there. On the way back we stopped at Jack in the box and got some burgers. They don't have any in the mission, so that was pretty dope.

So every Thursday we do splits with the Elders quorum, and this week was especially great. It was actually the first time we went on splits. So Elder Fielding was left on his own from 7 to 9. We had one appointment for the night, so Elder Fielding went there and I went home teaching. So we go to see a family in the ward and the guy served with my cousin Kyle! So that's cool, so someone ask Kyle if he remembers Corey Gile. Then afterwards we went to see a Cliff Wright. So Cliff is a great guy who we have been seeing on a weekly basis since we got to Sherwood. We've built a good relationship, at least I hope so. The big goal is to have him come to church before I leave the area.

Speaking of leaving the area, transfers are this week! The news is....we are both staying. So the district is basically the same, besides the inclusion of the Kaw Valley Elders. They lost their district last transfer and are now officially part of the Sherwood district! Woot woot! So this is now the start of my 6th transfer in Topeka! Wow, that is a long time...and this is the third time I've been in an area for 3 transfers. But I feel I will leave after this transfer, but who knows..

Anyway back to splits on Thursday. Elder Fielding went to an appointment, and it went super awesome! He was really able to rely on the spirit to meet the needs of our investigator and she is super excited to be getting baptized! She will probably be baptized, if everything goes well, on the 28th!

Saturday...oh boy that was a wet day. We had a torrential downpour, and we were on bikes. After a few hours we decided to ditch the bikes. So we went home, changed, grabbed umbrellas, and started to walk. It was a pretty rough day to be honest. Nobody wanted to talk to us, appointments fell through. But I guess it's those days that build character.

Oh almost forgot, we had interviews with our mission president this week! It was a super cool experience, we were able to talk and he gave me good mission advice, as well as advice for when I get home.

It was a great week with lots of learning and growth. I love every second of serving a mission!

Have a great week!!

Love, Elder Andrasko

Monday, October 9, 2017

We'll Bring the World His Truth

Hey everyone! 

So crazy week, and I’m starting my email late, only got a few minutes before we have to leave for dinner.

One cool thing that happened is that Chris got the priesthood this week! Elder Fielding ordained him too! So that was cool, he baptized, confirmed, and ordained him. And something even cooler, we are going to the temple to do baptisms tomorrow! First time at the temple my entire mission! I’ll make sure to get good pictures from that.

So someone I knew from Junction City was in the hospital here in Topeka. So we stopped in to see them yesterday. It was super cool to see some people I haven’t seen in months, that’s one amazing thing about the mission you get to see and get to know a lot of amazing people. A few people who were in my district were there at the hospital too, so it was just a JC party!

Sorry for the lame email, but not too many exciting things. We got a few new people on date this week, but they weren’t able to come to church, they haven’t really been keeping any commitments, so I dont think now is their time. We’ll save them for another set of missionaries :)

Everything is good, it’s the last week of the transfer, so that’s pretty crazy!

Love y’all have a great week!

- Elder Andrasko