Monday, January 8, 2018

Teach Me To Walk in the Light

Hey everybody!!

This week was great, mostly because Alex got baptized!!

So Alex's girlfriend, who is a member, was out of town and he decided not to tell her until she got back. So Wednesday he surprised her and it was great, he said she was crying and everything! She was also surprised to learn that she would be giving the talk at the baptism. Haha.

So a large portion of the week was spent planning that and making the program and whatnot. 

This week we also had the last district meeting of the transfer, one of our zone leaders is going home this week so it was his last one, sad to see him go.

So funny thing, while filling the font I reach down to check the water temperature, and I have the phone in my shirt pocket. When I feel something slip. I thought that it was just my white handbook or something. No big deal cause it's ruined anyway and I have another one. But nope, it was the phone!! I was mortified, brand new(ish) smartphone and it got baptized! So I hurry and grab it and take everything out and dry it off, everything seems to be working. Then I figure out the home button stopped working! Anyway after a day and a half it started working so no harm no foul.

So Alex invited so many people to his baptism, almost more nonmembers than members. And the spirit was so strong, I look over at Alex and tears streaming down his face. It was a nice experience. 

Things here are good and I am so excited for this transfer, my new companion is Elder Bassett, he was Elder Fielding's MTC companion, so I've heard a lot about him. Exciting!!

Anyway I love y'all and have a good week!

Love Elder Andrasko

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Another Auld Lang Syne

Hey everybody!

Happy New Year!! Wow hard to believe it’s 2018. And it’s going to be
a good start to the year!

Last year in the Manhattan 1st ward there was a total of 3 baptisms.
But both us and the sisters have a baptism scheduled for this week! So
in the first week of the year we will almost match the number of
baptisms for last year!

So I didn’t write much about what happens around Christmas time. But
the members who invited us over for Christmas eve asked the military
base if there was any new arrivals who didn’t have anywhere to go for
Christmas. So when we showed up we were able to meet Anton! Anton is
an immigrant from the Ukraine and Russia, born in the Ukraine raised
in Russia. He hasn’t had much contact with the church in his life, but
he has heard of the church from when he was living in New York. We
were able to have a really good discussion with him and get him to
think a little about what we believe. We played some games with them.
It was a good time.

We went back over for Christmas and Anton was there again! But we were
able to watch a movie, we watched Home Alone :)

Then all the missionaries in the zone got together for a white
elephant! I got a toilet golf and basketball for it. It was pretty
cool, I would have taken it if nobody else did. But I ended up with a
full pound of a Hershey kiss. Then we played another game as a zone.
It was a good time.

Once again we went over the member's house for New Years Eve and was
able to teach Anton about the Plan of Salvation. It went really well.
The time before he had questions about the plan and things. It went
really well and he understood, even with the slight language barrier.
The spirit helped him understand!

Teaching Alex has been going really well and he is excited for his baptism!
His girlfriend has been in Texas with her family for the holidays. He
hasn’t told her yet that he’s getting baptized, he’s waiting till she
gets back to surprise her.

Things are going well and I love the mission!

- Elder Andrasko

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Hey everybody,

So our P Day was changed to Tuesday because the Junction City district went to the temple today and interviews were scheduled for today. So interviews were changed to yesterday and P Day was changed to today!

So the most amazing happened this week! So there’s a member who just moved here from Texas to be closer with her boyfriend, who is not a member of the church. She’s been fellowshipping him since the spring and he’s been to church twice in Kansas at least once in Texas. He decided he wanted to meet with us and learn more about the church. So we had a lesson with him on Sunday, and wow he is so ready! He has read half of the Book of Mormon. 

We’ve done a lot of finding through former investigators, trying to find people that weren’t ready at the time but are ready now. 

Interviews were awesome! Had a good chat with President, and he let me know that I will finish my mission here in Manhattan.

Sorry kind of a lame email, but that was about it for the week!
Merry Christmas
Elder Andrasko

Monday, December 11, 2017

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Hello everybody!

We as a district just got back from the Wizard of Oz museum!! It was pretty neat, had lots of things from the movie and other things from the land of Oz! One thing that I learned is that the author of the Wizard of Oz book wrote 14 book about Oz! Now that's pretty crazy.

Anyway, this week has been pretty great! Well I got a cold so not the best, but it was good nonetheless!

We had the first real district meeting of the transfer, so that was super fun. It's always a good time getting to know the people you serve around, it's pretty easy to form bonds with your fellow missionaries.

Also this week was exchanges with the Zone Leaders! So while we were out, we did a lot of tracting and contacting, and when we went to contact this guy we ended up knocking on the wrong door! But it turned out alright cause we met Michael and his son Edward! Michael is from India and grew up in a Catholic home. But hasn't been to church in a long time and wants his son to go to church. So we had a really good lesson about the restoration and set up a return appointment. In the return appointment we answered a lot of questions and emphasized the importance of church!

We also got a super bomb referral this week. It was a self referral, so she requested the missionaries to teach her and bring a Book of Mormon. Like a lot of people in the area she is, or was, in the Army. While in the Army she met a lot of Mormons and saw how happy they were all the time and wanted to know more, and why we are always so happy! Things like this just go to show how far being a good example can go! She is excited to learn more and keep meeting with us, unfortunately she couldn't make it to church because of work.

We had the Ward Christmas party this week, which was a huge hit. Lots of people, lots of food! I'm excited to get to know the ward better.

Not too much more this week! But I love y'all and have a good week!

-Elder Andrasko

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hello, Goodbye

Hey everyone!

Wow transfers. It was hard leaving the Sherwood Ward, but I am glad to be here in Manhattan.

So the first part of the week was just saying goodbyes to all the friends I made in Topeka. There were a few hard goodbyes, but the good thing is with all this technology we can stay in touch!

Transfers was a looong day, I had to wake up at 5, make sure I had all my things packed and we had to be out by 6 cause we had to be in Wichita at long drive there. Then after a few hours in Wichita we drove a few hours to Manhattan! 

Still District Leader, my district is the only one with sisters in it too! The STLs only have 2 companionships under their stewardship.

Anyway I’ve just been learning the area, lots of tracting. Which is a good way to learn an area. While we were out we were knocking a street and there was a house with a “trespassers will be shot” sign. So of course we knocked it. We met a nice lady named Connie! She had all purple on, cause K-State, she even had purple hair. When we talked to her about the Book of Mormon she was so grateful for the information and really wanted to know where she could get a copy. So we of course offered her one, and she was so happy! That’s something I love, seeing people light up when they hear truth being testified.

My new companion is Elder Zolik, he’s from Vegas, and is a pretty funny guy.

Not a whole lot to talk about, but things are good!

Love my mission! 😊
- Elder Andrasko

Monday, November 27, 2017

Manhattan Bound

Hello one and all!

Well transfer week is here once again, and it looks like I will be headed out of Sherwood. It's been a good 3 transfers here and I sure will miss it. And after 5 transfers I am leaving Topeka, I've been here since May, so it'll be strange to leave. I will be heading off to the city of Manhattan, Kansas! Home of the Kansas State Wildcats!

Anyway, as you all know this past week we changed our P-day to Tuesday so we could attend the temple, which again was so amazing! We did a lot of tracting at the beginning of the week, which had some good results and we met some pretty nice people. A couple that we met and left with a pamphlet we went back to invite them to church. Their door was open when we arrived, but as we were walking up to their door it quickly shut. Bummer, but things like that happen. As a missionary you really learn how to not let rejection bring you down. If you got hurt after every time someone rejected you there would be no time to be happy! Can't imagine having a sad mission.

Thanksgiving was this week!! So the Elders quorum in the ward was supposed to have a "Turkey Bowl" against the Elders quorum in another ward, so we show up at the appointed time and place only to find out that they cancelled! Bummer. But we had one as a zone a few hours later and that was loads of fun! We did Senior Companions vs Junior Companions, needless to say the seniors dominated the competition! Later that day we had not one, but two dinners! My only regret is that the dinners were scheduled too close together, didn't have time to digest before we went back to eating. But it was really great, had a smoked, fried, and baked turkey! Can't decide which I liked the most.

Anyway, we just continued to trek on and look for miracles in the work!

One great miracle, there was a baptism in the ward this week! I interviewed someone the sisters had been teaching for baptism, I always love baptismal interviews because it can be such a spiritual experience. Since I've grown up in the church it is so cool to see others experiences and views on the church and the gospel. So he passed his interview and even asked me to baptize him, or as he said "dip him"!

So a few weeks ago we had our own baptism, but due to Stake Conference he was unable to be confirmed. We were a little worried cause he was going out of town with his family for Thanksgiving and his original plan was to come home Sunday night, but he was able to make it back Saturday and make it in time for his confirmation! Which was pretty great!

So the Topeka stake does a big thing for Christmas called "Nativities and Noels" where a bunch of different people bring their nativities, people from any religion anywhere in Topeka. Then they set them up all around the church and like tour the church and look at the nativities. Then while they are going around people are performing music, or they'll have the Tabernacle Choir Christmas performance playing. Then Sunday night it ends with the First Presidency Christmas devotional. So a cool way for people to be introduced to the church. Kinda sad I'll miss it.

Things here are good, I am super excited for this upcoming transfer, new area, and new companion.

Love you all tons and have a great week!!

Elder Andrasko

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Best of Times

Zone Conference with Elder Stanfill

Josh's Baptism!!!!!

At the Kansas City Temple

With my good friend Elder Smack

Hello everyone!!

So I am writing today, Tuesday, because we changed our pday so we could come to the temple! Which we just finished with. We left at 9:30 to make it to the 11:30 session. But it was the first time I was able to attend my entire mission! The only time I will attend on my mission.

Anyway this week was amazing because...Josh got Baptized!

So this was a really busy week, we had a visiting General Authority Seventy, Elder Stanfill! He came and had zone conference with us and the Manhattan and Lawrence zones. He has thoughts and words to share with us, and at the end we had a full hour for Q&A. It was pretty amazing, and I learned a lot of new things.

We had three days of interaction with both him and President McCuistion because of Zone and Stake Conference.

So we spent a lot of the week out finding and we met this really cool guy named Eric! We had a good first contact and he told us that his grandparents were Mormons and he invited us to come back. When we came back he said he told his mom we came by and he found out that she was also baptized a member, we invited him to stake conference but he didn’t make it. Anyway he is super open and hopefully we can continue to teach him.

Yesterday, Monday, as we were out proselyting, which was weird, we met a cool couple that said there were looking for a church to go to and their 7 year old was at the phase where he was asking a lot of questions. So we talked to them about the church and how it benefits families, and a little bit about the restoration. They seemed cool, hopefully we will see them again.

We have an investigator who has like 7 kids. So we stopped by to see them, and we found out they her and her boyfriend of like 10 years broke up! So that was sad, we told her we would come back and talk more to her, but she wasn’t home when we came by.

So the highlight of the week was, of course, the baptism of our good friend Josh! It was a smaller service, which is ok, and Elder Fielding was able to perform his 2nd baptism of his mission! Unfortunately due to stake conference Josh wasn’t confirmed on Sunday, so we have to wait until this coming Sunday, so we’ll keep him on track so he doesn’t fall off before his baptism is “complete”!

Again the temple was AMAZING! Super awesome week, and glad for every moment I have to be a missionary, have a great week!

- Elder Andrasko