Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stormy Weather

These two pictures were taken 20 minutes apart!!

Just another week in paradise!

This week we did a lot of less active work. We drove out to Hillsboro
to see the Willis family. 
We went and saw Brother Robbins, another less active, he had been
working an adding an annex to his garage. But I guess when he was
working his ladder wasn't secure and it fell out from beneath him and
he landed on his side and broke his hip. I feel really bad, we told
him we'd come help him and we came once, but we didn't go back until
after he broke his hip. We are going to come back this week and see
how he is doing and to give him a blessing.

So last Sunday we committed Fabian to church, but we weren't able to
see him during the week because he works. He owns a taco truck that is
open from 8am to 10 pm, so he's pretty busy. But we stopped by his
truck Saturday and he said he would come to church! We had a really
hard time trying to find a ride for him, it wasn't until 9 Saturday
night that someone said they would give him a ride, and we were trying
for days! But  Sunday rolls around his ride goes to pick him up, and
his wife comes out and says he's not coming. So we'll see what's up.

Another person we've been working with is a guy named Mitch, I've
probably written about him before. But he is pretty crazy, we had a
lesson with him and he kept interrupting so it was hard to have the
spirit. But he told us he  going to come by our church, not sure why
he wasn't there 
Sunday, but again we'll see what's up.

We didn't get to see the Nichols family this week, we tried a few
times, but we were never able to see them. We got a pretty cool
referral this week, a mom of a recent convert from a different state.
We texted and she said she'd love to meet with us, we don't have an
address or anything, but hopefully we'll get to see them this week!

We ate pretty well yesterday. There was a baby blessing and the family
invited us over to eat afterwards. So we ate there at about 4, it was
chicken on rice. Then we have a standing dinner with another family so
we ate pulled pork around 6. Then one of my favorite families, the
Travellers, had us over for a steak dinner, that was at around 8. The steak 

was as big as my face, and brother Traveller always makes sure we get 
fed well. So even after we are full he keeps putting food on our plate, then he gave us doughnuts. I'm not sure if I've ever been that full before, so much food I couldn't fall asleep.

It was a sick week, it's the last week of the transfer. Hopefully I'll
get to stay and serve here for six months!

- Elder Andrasko

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