Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Stayin' Alive

Hey one and all!

So this last week was pretty sweet!!

So Tuesday we went on exchanges, and once again I went to Hiawatha!
Well we actually went past Hiawatha  to Sabetha, and we had a few
people to try but other than that we just went on foot tracking the
whole day! Now I haven't walked all day for a very long time, not
since December and by the end of it my feet were sore as can be. But
we met 2 people who said we could come back! Yay 😁😁 then at the end
of the day Elder Anderson took me to see a few sights in town, one of
them was a weeping angel...if you've seen Dr. Who you would know that
these things are no good, but it wasn't like the actual one from the
show but it is an angel that is in fact weeping. And it came out
before the show did so it still counts. But we had fun and stayed up
wayyy to late. And while I was gone the elders had a great lesson with
our investigator.

Wednesday there wasn't really anything to talk about, we saw our investigator.
He's still struggling with a few things, but he is slowly progressing.
The neat thing is he is really getting into the Book of Mormon, now we
just need to have him pray more and start coming to church.

So this week we have been getting referrals like crazy, mostly people
who speak English from the Spanish missionaries. One we received was
all the way out in the middle of nowhere, but he was a cool guy, and
as it turns out he is already a member. But he has a non-member
girlfriend whose name is Egypt, so that's pretty neat. The only
downside is that they are planning  on moving to Lawrence, so we'll
have to get their new address and have missionaries there go see them.

So that was on Thursday -  we also saw another contact Thursday -  and had a
super good lesson on the plan of salvation. She has been reading the
children's Book of Mormon to her kids and everyone has been loving it.
So they had a few questions for us from their reading. She is
super awesome and is looking for a church for her kids, she's super
accepting of everything, we just need to commit her to living the

Friday we had a lot of appointments fall through, but we met a nice
lady. We were supposed to have an investigator come to soccer but she
never showed so that was lame.

Saturday was awesome! So we started a 24 hour mission wide fast to
help us change. And we definitely saw some miracles from that. So
first off we met some really sick people. We had an awesome spiritual
lesson with John W  this week, we weren't able to see him for a
few days due to him being sick or gone, but when we saw him he related
to us a dream he had. In his dream he saw a pillar of light near his
feet on the bed, and in this light was God and Jesus and they told
him, "As long as you believe in me I'll take care of you". John isn't
quite sure how to interpret the dream, but hopefully today at church
he received some revelation and an answer to if he should get
baptized. We also found out that John had never prayed about the Book
of Mormon, we had invited him to do that a lot, but he never got
around to it. So we were able to read Moroni 10 with him and pray with
him if the Book of Mormon is true. The spirit was so strong, it was
awesome. John said he was 110% committed to coming to church.

Then John came to church!! He's still waiting for his answer, I think
we need to follow up with him. But it was an awesome awesome day. Then
for dinner the members had a super nice camera and we took some nice

So anyways we as a mission have all committed to being 100% obedient
this entire month. Our mission president said it'll be a super hard
month, but if we are committed to it we will all baptize and reach our
triple digit vision as a mission!! Which is 100 baptisms in a month.

Anyways this week was great, lots of fun and good progression in our

Love y'all and have a good week!

- Elder Andrasko

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