Monday, November 21, 2016

Sweet is the Work

Hey Y'all this week was pretty great!

So this week was transfer week, and we all thought for sure either me
or Elder Stirling would be gonzo, because usually trainers and
trainees don't stay together longer than 12 weeks. But to my shock and
joy we are both staying here in JC for 6 more weeks.

Monday we went up to Manhattan for a Zone P-Day, since it would be the
last Monday of the transfer, it was pretty fun - we don't hardly go up
to Manhattan as much as I would like, but miles and time keep us from
going here more often. Then, like usual, we had family home evening at
the church. It's always super fun, and it draws the less actives and
investigators to the church for a spiritual thought and fun games.

Last week was a pretty miserable week for finding new investigators so
we knew we had to do something this week about finding new people,
especially ones that can progress towards baptism. So a lot of our
time and effort was spent on finding. And we did find some pretty
awesome people.

So background info. Junction has been unseasonably warm, like 70-80
degree warm, and Friday we had a cold front move in, the
temperature dropped like 40 degrees overnight. Then we had a big wind
storm move in with it, so around 40 mph winds. So super cold, and we
were walking this week. So we were walking around an apartment complex
looking for people to talk to and we stopped to a guy who was smoking
on his front step. We started talking to him and he invited us in to
warm up and get a drink. Well he offered us coffee, we said no, he
offered us tea, we said no. So that gave us a very good opportunity to
talk about the word of wisdom. So we started talking about prophets
and the restoration with him and his wife, Carrie and Frazier. They
said they didn't find a church home when they moved to Junction and
that her pastor back home had gotten too famous to even make time for
her one year old's funeral. So looking for a new church. And when we
were done she said. "This sounds like a church we need to go to". So
we invited them to baptism, Frazier accepted on the condition that the
water would be warm. So that was Saturday, and now we have a few more
solid people to work with and help them get closer to Christ.

Sunday was a very very busy day. We had a special Zone Conference in
Topeka and President asked us to be there at 10 for their stake
conference. So we stayed in Junction just to take the sacrament then
made the long trip to Topeka. It's about an hour to Topeka from
Junction so we were a little late. There was a member of the 70 there,
Elder Wilford W. Andersen. Right after their Stake Conference we had a
lunch then started our meeting. Well it was awesome and it ended with
a 2 hour Q&A session, which was super cool. Afterwards we had one more
meeting with President and Elder Andersen. So after all our meetings
were over it was 8 and we still had an hour drive left. So we had a
total of 0 lessons, but we learned a ton!

We are doing exchanges twice this week, so we'll have a pretty full
week. Super excited!

Hope y'all have a good thanksgiving!

Love ya!

- Elder Andrasko

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