Tuesday, December 6, 2016

So Much to be Thankful For

Time to Break out the Winter Coat
Hey! This week was pretty great, did a few exchanges, taught some people, and did missionary work.

This week we talked to every single person we saw, but unfortunately it didn't bring forth much fruit. We didn't find very many people who are interested. But that's ok, when things start getting hard that's when the miracles start. Satan definitely has been working hard on us this week, but as long as we keep pushing forward we'll see crazy miracles.

Wednesday we went up to Milford, Kansas to see the a family we are teaching. I'm not sure what it is with that guy, but he just won't commit to baptism! We went super hard with him, we were super lovingly bold and told him that he would get blessed for it etc., but he still said no! I think
it is because of his Catholic dad, and he's afraid to disappoint him. We'll keep trying I guess. Later we went on splits with the Zone Leaders, so we double covered our area and saw a whole bunch of
people. Elder White and I went biking, it was a little chilly especially with that cool wind. We only met a few new people, and one of them wanted to bash hardcore with us. But luckily we had an excuse that we had to go to dinner. And we did! We went out a recent convert, well a convert of just over a year, who just got called into the Branch Presidency. His name is Ossie and he is one of the coolest converts I have ever met. We went out to Freddy's and got some steak burgers, there was 6 elders there so it was a missionary feast!

Thanksgiving was a pretty awesome day. Mostly because of the amount of food we got. We were on a p-day schedule on thanksgiving, so we started out doing some laundry. Then all 4 of us Elders went to the park to play some basketball. We were out for a few hours, it was pretty fun. Then we went to the church for our first thanksgiving dinner. The senior missionaries in Junction put on a thanksgiving dinner for all those who don't have anyone to spend thanksgiving with, like people who has a spouse deployed. So we ate, helped the kids do some crafts, and played games.

After the first dinner we went on the Army base for our second dinner. It was who the assistant ward mission leader and one other family. It was a little awkward because there wasn't enough room on the table for all of us, so Elder Stirling and I had to sit in he next room. It was kinda like we were at the children's table haha. But the food was good so I don't really care haha. After eating and talking for a few hours we went to our last dinner of the night.

We were pretty full so not much food for us, we mostly just ate dessert, pumpkin and pecan pie. It was pretty great stuff. We did go over again the next day for lunch, and the day after for dinner. Just
helping people get rid of their leftovers!

We've seen our two miracles from last week, Carrie and Frazier. Well Frazier is his last name, I guess Army guys like to go by their last name. We had a really good lesson in the Word of Wisdom and told them that they need to live it if they want to get baptized. They are super awesome, hey just didn't come to church yesterday. So we'll need to work on that one too...

So Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, was the official kickoff for #LightTheWorld. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely watch it, its worth it. And it was also the day of the day of he annual Junction
City Christmas parade! So what a perfect opportunity to hand out cards and let people know about #LightTheWorld.

Saturday is always a busy day. We start off with volleyball with whoever wants to come, then we move to soccer. Then we move to missionary work. Well we were late to soccer because we were helping a member with her Christmas lights. We were going to make a trip out to the small towns around JC, but we didn't have enough time, I guess next week we'll have to burn a few hours and try those towns 30-60 minutes away.

Sunday was super awesome, we had the opportunity to go on splits with the Assistants to the President. We were only with them for an hour, because of dinner and a baptism later that night, but I still learned a ton. Everything in his church is truly inspired, even missionary leadership because they taught me a ton!

Not much else going on, but this next week will be crazy for sure!

Love y'all!
Elder Andrasko

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