Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Scripture Power

Happy Halloween!

This week was pretty cool, we started off the week by having interviews with the mission president on Tuesday. It was the second time I was able to have an interview with President McCuistion, and it was an awesome revelatory experience and was able to receive help and insight on how to best help progress people in my area. We also had a training meeting during the interviews, and it was all about how to best help people gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was super awesome!

Wednesday we went over a members house in the morning and did a lot of service, we were originally going to mow the lawn and do other things like that, but we had a huge storm that night and the grass was way to wet to mow. So we helped move things, and trimmed hedges, flowers, trees, and anything else that needed to be done. Afterwards she gave us a lunch, and this member is like a professional cook or something, every time we go over there we can expect a 5 star meal. The sisters called her the other day to see if we could come over for lunch, and she told us that she wasn't home but we could go over and raid the cupboards! She seriously is so awesome, she even leaves a cooler on her front porch so that we can go and get a drink whenever we are thirsty. The rest of the day was filled with a lot of appointments that fell through. We didn't get to see a single person that we had planned for, but we still saw lots of miracles. It was also the Ward Halloween party so we played some games and of course got lots of candy haha.

Thursday we had originally planned to go see a part member family, and they had invited us to have lunch there. But we learned that we had district meeting in Manhattan, so unfortunately we weren't able to make it. But we'll make it over there sometime, and definitely get him committed for baptism! We had also received a referral for someone who lived on the Army base, so we went to contact him. He is currently living with one of his friends, and his friend's mom who is meeting with the missionaries in Virginia gave us the referral for him. He is going through a lot of stuff right now and doesn't have the best relationship with God, but he accepted a Book of Mormon and said he would read. Hopefully when we see him again we can help him with whatever trial he is currently facing.

 Friday we went over to the Senior Missionaries place to have a district lunch and talk about the peeps we are currently working with and maybe see if there are things that we can do to help them. The zone leaders came down that day to exchange back with the other elders and decided they wanted to stay until at least the branch party/chili cook off. So they decided to do splits with us. So we went and double covered our area and saw basically every single person that we are working with and had an awesome time progressing a ton of people. Then was the branch party, it was at this time that my voice started getting a little hoarse, but I didn't think much about it. We went through the rest of the night as usual. 

Then Saturday when I woke up I could barely make a noise. My voice was completely gone, well darn. We still went about our day as usual, and we started getting soccer going here every Saturday with whoever wants to come. So a member brought about 15-20 non members, a lot of Hispanics, and we had a big soccer tournament. It was pretty dope, we'll be doing that every week. Then we started off on the rest of our day, needless to say I didn't talk much, and left the bulk of the work up to Elder Stirling.

Sunday was stake conference, which was really good. It was help in Salina, which is like an hour away from Junction, but for the first time ever in the Salina Kansas Stake they broadcast stake conference, so we didn't have to drive. Yay! Next week is another stake conference, but a regional one, so it is being broadcast from Salt Lake, I think? But anyway it will be pretty sweet.

This week has been pretty good, lots of finding this week. Lots of sifting through our investigators and seeing which ones are truly elect. We did see a lot of trials come up, and a few people tell us we weren't going to make it to heaven because of our belief in the Book of Mormon. But we still push on. The two people who we think can really be baptized this month is Kristen, don't know her last name, and Michael. Michael could be baptized at almost any moment, so hopefully we can help to see his need for it.

Love ya tons!

Elder Andrasko

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