Monday, November 21, 2016

Now Let Us Rejoice!

Well to start off this week marked my 8 month mark! And this coming
week is transfers and I am happy to say both Elder Stirling and I are
staying in JC for another 6 weeks!

Anyways this week was super awesome! This week we got to see our
investigator Michael Moriarty who we haven't seen in weeks...he had a
lot of word of wisdom and law of chastity issues, but when we saw him
he said he hasn't had a drink in months! He said he could probably
make it to church, but he bailed so that was a bummer.

We found Tanya's trial of faith, she is just so busy! So she kinda
dropped us...because she said she doesn't feel like she has enough
time that she can devote to it. She is a single mom who is military
and is also doing school, so yeah kinda busy. But we're gonna help her
see that this is something that is important and can help her out with
all of that other stuff she is dealing with.

We've been spending a lot of our time lately trying to find those
people who will progress, either from our investigator pool or just
going out and finding. We've also been going through all hose who
aren't really progressing and letting them know what our purpose is as
missionaries and letting them know we are here to help them, but if
they aren't keeping commitments then we won't be able to help.

Not a whole lot this week to talk about, sorry about the short letter.

We are in Manhattan today for a Zone p-day, made doughnuts and playing sports!

- Elder Andrasko

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