Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We Can Work it Out

Hey y'all!

Well October is almost over, and the weather is weird. Some days it won't get over 60 and other days it'll be in the 80s, so I have usually been taking a jacket along with me every day. This week was a bike week, but I was able to do a little bit of repairs on my bike so it wasn't nearly as bad as it was last time. Still lots of hills to deal with though, I will never again say Kansas is flat.

Elder Stirling just recently got his driving privileges, so I finally don't have to drive everywhere. Now I can finally have a chance to relax! This week we have interview with the mission president, so that's pretty exciting!

So there is a recent convert, who technically is in the branch but comes to the ward every Sunday because of his work schedule, well former work schedule. He recently got laid off, which sucks, but he's been out with missionaries like every day since. Saturday we were out with him for about 5 hours. We saw lots of cool miracles! Being out with members is really awesome, and it's pretty fun being with this guy.

Tuesday we were supposed to go out on exchanges, but that got nixed, which is a really good thing cause we had the most bomb dinner ever! A super awesome member of the ward got tons of sushi! And I mean a ton, we still had a lot of left over afterwards, which I ate all of the next day for lunch. It was also Zone Training, which took a lot of time, plus the hour to drive to Manhattan and back.

Wednesday we unfortunately got dropped by an investigator, we showed up to his house and his mom answered the door and told us to never come back to her house. So we tried calling and setting something up at the church haha. But he didn't answer, sad day. We met a really cool guy named Sidney though, he seemed really interest in the message and even told us to come back the next day. The biggest thing we have to address with him is that he doesn't like going to church, something about congregating with a large number of people turns him off. So we're gonna build a burning desire in him so that he has no choice but to come!

We met another really cool person whose name is Mrs. Peggy. We started talking to her about the Book of Mormon she told us she already got a copy and is reading everyday with her husband, and they have a weekly fast and they pray about it during that fast. So we invited her to church, unfortunately she can't make it this week, but she told us to write our names down in the book so she would know who invited her. She is someone the sisters were teaching, but they said we could teach her if we wanted!

One big focus of this week was finding, so we talked to everyone we saw and really tried to find 3 new investigators a day! And we were close almost every day, and as we've been doing this we've seen lots of miracles and met a lot of really great people!

But that's my week in a nutshell! Lots of fun stuff going on here, and this week is going to be even better!

Love y'all!

- Elder Andrasko

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