Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Elder Andrasko and Bill
Hello friends and fam!

This week was another great week in the Kansas Wichita Mission.

This week I had the awesome opportunity to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders down in Wichita. And I got to go out with my old companion Elder Eakle!! Man that brought back some memories of Ark City. Plus the Zone Leaders are now driving the car we had when we were in Ark. So we had some fun reminiscing. But that wasn't all that we did, we also worked super hard and had a ton of lessons! But my favorite lesson was when we went to see Bill!! Good ol' crazy Bill, he has moved out of Ark into Wichita and lives in the ZLs area so we stopped by to see him.

He's been a quite a crazy ride for the past little bit, his health isn't doing super hot. But other than that he is doing great, and still coming to church!

This week we started working with a family of 10. So the parents were both investigators at one point, then they met each other and started dating. So no they are not married, but they are working on it. They both have 4 kids, so 8 in total, and 7 of them are baptismal age. So now the real struggle is finding a way to get them all to church...which is in Newton 30 miles away. So something we'll be working on this week.

One strange miracle, we were just sitting in the car when the phone starts ringing, a phone number we don't have saved, and this guy who we don't know and have never met is on the other side. Well long story short we set up an appointment with him for tomorrow, so we'll see what happens there.

Sad day, our investigator dropped us. We really have no clue what happened, but he just texted us and said that he didn't really want us coming over anymore. But we'll go back sometime this week and try to figure stuff out. We saw him practicing football at the middle school across the street from our house, we talked for like 2 seconds, kinda awkward. But I guess we'll see what happens, fingers crossed.

We started teaching this real crazy guy, Larry. But he committed to church. Then the day before he said he'd probably go to another church and ours another day. That's a problem we have been having, we get people to go to church, just not ours. We'll keep working on that...

McPherson is definitely an awesome place, and missionary work is different than most other places I've served. But it really is amazing, and we see a ton of miracles. 

Hope y'all have a good week, love ya tons!

-Elder Andrasko 

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