Monday, January 16, 2017

Who Let the Dogs Out

Hey y'all,

This week was pretty great!

So we had to drive down to Wichita again this week, which really is
quite a long drive. But we had an awesome Zone Conference! It's always
cool to hear the leadership in the mission and to be able to learn
from them.

We had a pretty funny miracle this week. So to begin with we were at a
less active/part member family's house, and they have a really
hyperactive dog. It had gotten all riled up so he was running and
jumping around, then he jumped on a Elder Smack, and well he landed on
his groinal area. The lesson ended soon after that, and Elder Smack
expressed a need to use the restroom because of the earlier incident.
So we stopped by Wendy's and we saw a girl sitting at a table working
on something. We went to talk to her, and after talking we found out she
is a senior in high school, and has no family - the family she did have
(her grandfather) passed away about a year ago. We also found out that
she had met with missionaries a while ago, and - she seemed pretty
interested! Her name is Ciera, hopefully we can get things rolling
with her.

Our "golden" investigator is still struggling, still not sure what is going on with
him. We try to see him pretty often, but he just lacks that fire he
had before. So we are still trying to find a way to get that going

So Elder Smack has this pretty nasty wart on his finger and the urgent
care in McPherson couldn't take care of it, so we have to go to Salina
some time to see a dermatologist who can get rid of it. So that will
be fun haha.

Another cool thing that happened was we were driving around, and we
went to what we thought was a less-actives place. Turns out he moved
and the guy living there now said we could come back. Then while walking
back to the car we met a pretty cool kid and gave him a Book of
Mormon! Also he does war reenactments with Wyatt!(who I baptized at the 

beginning of my mission)  So cool little connection there.

McPherson is definitely a lot different from anywhere else I've
served. But it is really cool. Not a lot of members, but the ones we
have are awesome. And we have some really cool recent converts, one of
which is super willing to come out with us and help out with the work.

So you may of heard of this "crazy" ice storm that is sweeping across
Kansas. Don't worry, we are still alive. In fact this storm was WAYYY
overhyped. At least for us here in Mac. Everyone told us it would be
worse than the ice storm of '05, and that this storm has the most
moisture of any storm since the late 1800's. Well, I guess it wasn't
cold enough to freeze, so we just got a lot of rain. It's been raining
for like 3 days now, so yeah I could see how it would be bad if it
actually was cold.

Anyway not too much else going on, but the work goes on!

love ya!

- Elder Andrasko

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