Thursday, February 2, 2017

Changes. . .

Hola mi amigos,

This week we went on exchanges with the Spanish elders so now you could probably say I'm fluent in Spanish, or as the natives say espaƱol.

But this week was super rad! A ton of cool stuff happened, we met cool people, we went to church, and other stuff.

So we have like a new exchange policy where everyone going on exchanges goes to the District Leaders area, so we had 4 missionaries in McPherson. Well McPherson area, Elder Smack went to Moundridge to do some finding and saw tons of sick miracles! I went out to teach all of our investigators with Elder Pugliano.

So last week we had a strange miracle where someone just called us and then we set up an appointment with him, anyway we went to go see him on exchanges! His name is Mitch. He liked having us over and invited us over again. So us being the tenacious missionaries that we are went over a few days later, and he kept expressing his astonishment that we would come back and see him. But we had a pretty killer lesson with him and he committed to church. He said the only reason he wouldn't be there was if he was dead! Unfortunately he wasn't there so we might have to call the police or something...or maybe he slept in, it is 9 o'clock church and he lives like 40 miles away, but we'll get him next time!

So Wednesday was a very eventful day. Wednesday was the worldwide missionary broadcast! It was really cool, it was like an open discussion with a bunch of General Authorities where they talked about missionary work and things we could do to improve and hasten the work. Then right at the end they had a few changes for us. The first was a change to the missionary schedule, no longer are missionaries on a set schedule. Now we make our own schedule that is adaptable to the day, the area, or any situation that could come up. We still wake up at 6:30, but we can plan, study, or anything that we need to do at any time that would work best. Also they changed the schedule so that we start our p day at 8 instead of 10 and now it's acceptable for missionaries to go to bed at 9:30. The other change was a change to our key indicators. In the past there was 9 key indicators that missionaries would keep track of, well that number has been cut down to 4; baptized and confirmed, on date for baptism, at sacrament, and new investigators. What was really cool was we had 2 members of the missionary executive committee with us watching the broadcast so we had a chance to discuss with them the changes and what it means for us as missionaries. Another change for us is an increased use of technology, we are now encouraged to have lessons over Skype and to use iMessage. So new tools for us to use.

We had a pretty cool miracle this week at church. So a few weeks ago we were driving down to Newton to do a baptismal interview, then we found out it was cancelled. So we just took the next exit, which was Moundridge, and Elder Smack said there was a less active member who lived there. So we went to see him and his non member girlfriend,  Well we had a good lesson with them and they told us they'd come to church, not that week but the next. Then during exchanges Elder Smack went and saw them again, and I guess it went good? But we texted a bunch of people Saturday night, at the end of the night, reminding/inviting them to church, and I think Mitch was the only one who texted back. But we show up to church on Sunday and there was there was the less active member and his girlfriend! Yay church! They had a good experience and invited us over for a BBQ after, yay food! So after church we drove the 20 minutes to Moundridge and had some killer food and a lesson!

This week was a little rough because of the end of the month. End of the month means we don't have any money to buy food. McPherson is also a rough area because we don't have very many members, which means not very many meals. So this week consisted of a lot of ramen and other pastas. But luckily we should have a few meals this week so we won't die :).

Well I love the mission so much, especially because I am part of the greatest mission in he entire world! I truly am grateful to be here and boy do I know how inspired our prophets are, I know I am here not only because of the people I serve, but because of the people I serve with, and because of my mission president. President McCuistion truly is an inspired man and I am so grateful for all the wonderful things he has taught me. If there is anything I have learned from my mission it is the strengthening and enabling power of our Saviors Atonement. I know I couldn't do this work alone, I am uplifted, encouraged, and edified each day from the Savior and the Spirit. It's crazy how fast the mission goes, in the blink of an eye it's almost been a year, I look forward to what the next 13 months have to bring!

Love ya tons,

-Elder Andrasko

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