Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

(They went to the hospital to give a blessing and had to wear masks)

Hey y'all!

There was a lot of stuff that went on this week, both good and bad.
But either way I love being a missionary!

Fun fact, today is my 10 month mark! Wow time really flies by,
especially on the mission.

So we hit a wall with this week with our golden's kinda sad.
Especially because we don't really know what happened. Things were
going really well, then one day we got a text from him saying he
didn't really want to keep meeting every day, so we called to see what
was up. He made it seem like it was something that his ex was doing,
like trying to take the kids or something. So we studied really hard
for him to try and figure some way to help him out. But when we went
over there he didn't have the same fire he did as before. And it seems
like he is no longer keeping the word of wisdom, so keep him in your

There is a really cool part member family we are teaching, their names
are Jim and Gale. Gale was baptized a few years ago, and Jim is a
really awesome guy. He went to church a few weeks ago and he loved it,
he wants to keep coming too! The biggest thing with him is that he
struggles with the word of wisdom, that's a pretty big thing out here.
So we go and try to see them every day and help them to both progress
in the gospel. Another hard thing is that they don't have a car, and
the church isn't exactly close enough to walk to, so we need to find
them a ride every week. Good thing we have awesome members!

Another family we are teaching started progressing really awesome this
week too! There's like seven of them, but again word of wisdom struggles,

they are pretty heavy smokers. But  we had a really awesome restoration
lesson this week, Elder Smack told them, "if Heavenly Father is going to
continue speaking with us, don't  you think he would send us more scriptures?"
She was all like "Wow,  why didn't you tell us the first time?". We've told them at
least four  times haha, but it takes some people longer to grasp a new concept.
Hopefully we can get them coming to church here soon, and get them to
feel the spirit there!

This week we had interviews with our Mission President! It's over an
hour drive to Wichita, but man it was such an awesome experience, I
love having to opportunity to see him so often and to be able to have
a real relationship and to learn so much! We get to go down to Wichita
again this week! It'll be the 3rd time we've made the drive this

This next week will be so awesome! We made a ton of goals and are
going to work our tails off and see miracles!

- Elder Andrasko

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