Monday, January 2, 2017

It's a Small World

Hey y'all!

This week was awesome!! So McPherson is awesome! There is so much room
for missionary work here. So one of the first things my comp, Elder
Smack, told me was that there was 36 churches in McPherson and not a
single one of them is LDS. So the closest LDS church for us is in
Newton, which is 30 minutes away, which makes it a little harder to
get people to church, but we have awesome members who are willing to
give rides and stuff! But there are only 7 active members who live out

So the beginning of he week was sad, having to say goodbye to Junction
and all of the awesome people that I met there. Wasn't hard saying
goodbye to the apartment though haha, or having a car part time. But I
really will miss Junction, I met a ton of amazing people there, plus I
was there for 4 and a half months.

So when I got here the first thing Elder Smack told me was that we had
a super awesome investigator who is gonna get baptized this month! So 

Wednesday night I had the chance to meet him. And wow, he is probably
 the most prepared person I have ever met my entire mission. Elder Smack 
told me about how hey had met him, hey we're coming home from church 
and saw him across the street from the house at the middle school football field, 
practicing some football, and he had the impression to go talk to him, and he shook it
off. But then the spirit rebuked him and they went and he's progressed
super rapidly ever since! He's been reading the Book of Mormon for
like 2 weeks straight! I seriously can't say enough how awesome he is.
Sunday was his first time at church and he loved it! Well I guess it
was my first time here too, and it was pretty awesome!

The members were really welcoming, and two people invited to have him
over for dinner this week! So now the ward is really involved in his
conversion too! He'll be getting baptized on the 15th!

Kinda crazy thing at church happened, I had two different people tell
me that they knew Andraskos in California! I've never had that happen
before! Small world I guess.

So a lot of the work here is with less-actives, part member families,
and recent converts. And there are some really awesome recent converts
here, and still some left to meet.

There are a few colleges here in McPherson, so there's a lot of young
people around. McPherson College is actually the only place in the US
where there is a automotive restoration degree, so that's cool.

Not a whole lot left to say, but I'm really looking forward to my
first full week in McPherson!

Love ya tons!

- Elder Andrasko

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