Sunday, May 15, 2016

Time for Miracles

This past week was pretty awesome lots and lots of miracles happened.

So last Sunday we met B---, who had just moved into Ark the day we met

him. His cousin is in the ward, recently reactivated and has been
working super hard to get the priesthood. Anyway we started teaching
B---, who is an excommunicated Jehova's Witness, and he said he had a
problem with Joseph Smith, which was easily resolved, and he had a
good talk with him. Well we come back the next day and have another
lesson with him, we talked a bit about the gospel, and he was pretty
open to what we were teaching him. So we set up a return appointment
for the next day.

Tuesday we go back over to his house, and we teach him the whole
restoration. We felt that the lesson was coming to a close and we felt
that we needed to invite him to be baptized. But before we can even
say anything he tells us, "I feel like I'm supposed to be here right
now, that like God wants me to talk with you and to join your church."
We were awestruck, he basically told us he wanted to be baptized, so
we invited him for the 21st of this month. After that he had a ton of
questions, some of those questions were about the plan of salvation,
so we go over the whole plan of salvation with him. Then he asked us
about smoking and coffee, which since his cousin is a member he
already knew what we would say. So we covered the word of wisdom with
him. And he told us, "if this is what it takes to be baptized it won't
be hard at all" we told him he might be tempted and that the devil
doesn't want him to be baptized, but before we could finish he says,
"brother the devil has no power over me, and he knows it." So
hopefully that holds true and he is still not smoking.

This week was kinda lame with dinner appointments though, we had like
two. But it's better than none!

This month we have two super solid investigators who will be baptized
for sure! B---and A____, W____s sister, it's going to take a lot of
hard work, but we will happen for sure! We have a lesson pretty soon
with a family, I'm really excited because they seem really solid.

Don't have a lot of time today but hope all is well! The KWM is the greatest!

Love you all!!

- Elder Andrasko

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