Monday, April 25, 2016

How Great Shall Be Your Joy

This week was probably one of the greatest weeks of my life! So much awesome stuff happened and I don't think I have ever been happier than I have been this short time on my mission.

There wasn't too much going on Monday, we went to Derby to hang out with all the Elders who were heading out this transfer, and we got to play poker with one of their less active members. I lost all of my starburst, but luckily Elder Colemere picked them all up so we have enough to share! After that we went to a big dinner at the Branch Presidents house, it was a farewell dinner for the sisters, we thought only one would be leaving, but they didn't have any new sisters coming in this transfer so they had to take both. Everyone was really sad, especially their converts and investigators. After dinner we had just enough time to go make sure W___was still solid for the baptism on Saturday, which he totally was.

Tuesday we went up to Winfield and the sisters showed us around their area, and we met some of the progressing investigators, so we would have an idea of what to do when we had to go there to double cover their area, which is super hard especially since we only have a limited number of miles. After we went to meet a less active convert who totally dropped off the map but we found through W____. But he wasn't around cause he was with his girlfriend, but we did get to talk to another kid who lives in the house. He is one of the most laid back and chill dudes I have ever met.  His parents didn't seem too thrilled about us, so we might not get more opportunities to teach him.

Wednesday was transfers! Since I didn't come into Kansas on Transfers it was a brand new experience for me. I did get to see all of the Elders that were in my MTC district and that was awesome! Plus my MTC comp is now in my district! Also they decided that Elder Colemere should be a District Leader, so now I get to accompany him to all of his meetings, which can be kinda boring.

Since the Sisters left Winfield and we are double covering we got a new companion and are in a trio now! His name is Elder Eakle and he has already been in a trio with Elder Colemere in Ark city, crazy that they would send him back this way. But Elder Eakle will only be with us until his companion, who is home right now, comes back out to Kansas, which could be near the middle of this month. But I am really happy that he's around, and we are having a ball being in a trio.

On Thursday we went back up into Winfield to help Elder Eakle become more familiar with his area, and we got to meet a lot of really awesome people! We were able to put 3 people on date for baptism! And they seemed really interested in it, so hopefully they can keep progressing. On the downside one of the sisters investigators who is supposed to be baptized on the 30th doesn't really like us and doesn't know if she wants to be baptized! I really have no idea what to do about that, especially because I don't really know her, but the Sisters would be heartbroken if she doesn't get baptized...

Later that night we went over to W___'s and went with him across the street to his Aunt's house and talked with her a bit about W____'s baptism and we invited her and talked a little bit about the gospel, she was really really nice, but so is the rest of that family. After that we went over to S____'s house and were able to talk to her son, and were really able to get him to open up more, which is a huge step! He told us a lot about prison and what it was like there, apparently a lot of people there have phones, weird.

On Friday we started by meeting up with a less active member, R_______, who has really been struggling to get to church. Anyway after meeting with R_______ we went to an apartment complex where Elder Colemere met a kid who wasn't really solid (I think he sells weed or something), but he thought we should go give him a try. We knocked on the door and we met this kid named J____. He seemed really interested in what we had to say. After a few minutes of talking with him Gavin came home and we got invited up. We showed a video and J____ seemed really into it,  and we were able to share a solid message and left a Book of Mormon with J____, and left him with a chapter to read. On Saturday we go back to see him and J____ read the entire chapter! That hardly ever happens with us! He was kinda busy so we couldn't really share a message, but we left another chapter for him to read. We go back on Sunday, but he didn't read, he had actually just woken up when we got there at 1:00. But we did have a solid Plan of Salvation lesson and left him with a chapter to read. We will probably go back there today to see if he read.

Saturday was probably one of the best days of my life! We started out by going to Camp Horizon with one of the members of our branch. It's a church camp that's in a heavily forested area of Ark, with lots of hills, and an old brick factory. We were able to do some hiking, climbing, and exploring for our morning exercise. After that we had to head over to the church and start filling up the font for our baptism later that day! Unfortunately we noticed that there wasn't any baptismal suits at the church that would fit W___! It turns out the Sisters had 5 suits at their apartment and we had to drive all the way to Winfield to get them! It took us an hour...but we found one that is the perfect size!

W_____ had invited all of his family and friends over for the baptism, so we had like a dozen or more non members there. W___ had actually asked me to baptize him so I got to baptize my first convert! Twice! His knee slipped above the water the first time. But there was such a strong spirit there, almost everyone was crying. Hopefully with this experience his Dad and Sister would want to follow his example.

That is about all of the highlights from this week. It was super bomb, and hopefully I can have many, many more weeks like it.

-Elder Andrasko

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