Monday, May 30, 2016

Sailin' On

This week has been slower, but it was really great!

Weather was a little crazy this week, lots and lots of thunder storms, tornadoes out in west Kansas, not here though.

B___has been struggling a lot lately, he isn't really in the best
living situation. He lives with his cousin who is a member, but he struggles a lot with drugs. B___ really hates being there and having drugs around him (especially because of his struggles in the past) so being stressed he started smoking again. But he was able to talk to the Branch President and find a new living situation.

We ended up having a baptism this week! Brooks was this homie we found last week who had been taught 8-9 months ago but totally dropped off the radar. But we found him and he really wanted to get baptized, it took 9 days and hardly anything else. But with his baptism we have been able to reactivate his good friend Aspin. It was such an awesome

Not much else to write about, transfers are this week and Elder Colemere got called to be a Zone Leader in Wichita, we thought that I might be staying in Ark, but I am also getting transferred. I got called to Topeka. I am in a trio with Elder Mitchell and Elder Porter, Elder Mitchell is a DL and goes home at the end of the month. He also just got released as an AP so I will be able to learn a ton from him. I am super sad about leaving Ark though, there is a ton of people I
will have to say goodbye to.

- Elder Andrasko

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