Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Here comes the Son

Not a lot of time to write today so it'll be a shorter letter.

We went up to Wichita today to drop off Elder Eakle so he can get his
new companion. So after 5 weeks in a 6 week transfer we are out of a
trio that was supposed to last maybe 2 weeks.

This week we had to push back B__'s baptism to the 4th, which was
terrible. But quitting smoking is a hard thing. But he has been living
the word of wisdom for a full week now. So he's still looking good for
next weekend. Unfortunately his baptism is transfer week so Elder
Colemere or I might not be around for it.

A__- doesn't really have a strong desire for baptism, she wants to be
baptized but she is scared to do it. And it's been hard for us to get
down to the root of the problem because she is really nervous around
us. But we have been building an awesome relationship with her. And
baptism is totally possible with her this Sunday. Not Saturday because
W____ is going with the young men to Nauvoo.

We had such a sick miracle this week. We went on exchanges with the
ZLs, Elder Haws served down in Ark 8 months ago so he came down with
me. We went to see someone he had baptized and his friend, who was a
previous investigator. His name is Brooks and when we met up with him
he had a huge desire to be baptized! He has already had all the lessons
is living the commandments and has been to church before, the only
thing left to do to be baptized was coming to church on Sundayy. Which
he did!! So he will be baptized this weekend, it's a one week

Since W____ is going to Nauvoo this weekend and the YM were going to
the temple we were able to give him the priesthood this Sunday! We had
a really sweet week and saw lots of miracles. Sorry I wasn't able to
write more, love ya!

- Elder Andrasko

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