Sunday, May 15, 2016

Called to Serve

Our phone call with Elder Andrasko was great!

So last Monday we went out to the local Pawn Shop to check out their
goodies, and we came out with a baseball bat! So we rounded up a few
baseballs, went to the nearest park, and messed around with that for a
little bit. It was super fun, I love any chance I get to play some
ball! After that we had dinner at a members house. After all the food
and chitchat we were able to follow up with them on a family mission
plan that had been set up a month or two prior, and got two referrals!
So after dinner we went to follow up on one of the referrals. We were
only able to meet one of the sons, but they had been taught previously
and said we could come back! We haven't been able to see them again
though, super busy people. After it was nearly 9, but we decided to
try and hit up a couple of homies that we have been seeing nearly
every day, their names are G____ and J____. But when we got there it
just didn't feel right and we went home.

Tuesday we did our normal routine and drove up to Derby for our weekly
meetings, but since my companion is a district leader we have to get
there an hour early for his meetings, I just shoot hoops in the gym
with the other district leader companions. After the meeting we
started an exchange with the zone leaders and Elder Tonga came with me
and Elder Eakle down to Ark. But Elder Eakle had a team up in
Winfield. After we dropped him off I got my first experience of
driving while on my mission! So normally the greenies don't get to
drive until they get out of training, but Elder Tonga doesn't have a

Elder Tonga and I met with G____, J____ wasn't really around much for
this lesson, and talked a lot about the Atonement and were able to put
him on date for this month! And we invited him to come to the Young
Men activity on Wednesday, he has a homie in the ward who could take
him too. He didn't end up coming, but it was still an awesome lesson.
After we went over to the Czaplinski house for dinner, which was a
bomb steak dinner. Afterwards we had an awesome lesson with W____'s
sister, A____, about the restoration and we taught the first vision.
The best part is we were able to ask W___ to help teach her!

Wednesday started out with a drive to Derby to pick up my comp and to
help a member move. The member actually turned out to have a super
successful YouTube channel, Kinder Play Time, where his kids play with
and review toys. They get a ton of free toys and make good money for
it. So that was cool. Afterwards they took us out to Hog Wild for
lunch. All five missionaries ordered all you can eat ribs, and they
may not allow us to come back, Elder Tonga especially. We ran out of
time so Elder Tonga had to stop at 20 ribs.

When we got back to Ark we went to see G____ and J____ again and
invited again for the YM activity, they said they would come, but they
didn't. After we went to meet up with another referral, turns out they
are a part member family! It was really unexpected, but an awesome
surprise, we are going to meet up with them tonight. Afterwards we
went to the church to participate in the Young Men's activity. They
all wrote letters to their moms for Mother's Day. We ducked out a
little early so we could head up to Winfield, we didn't get to see
many people. And who we did see didn't really want to see us.

Thursday we had to drive up to Derby again! The DLs and ZLs were
having a meeting early the next day so we were going to go on
exchanges again! His time though Elder Moss, my MTC companion, came
down with us to Ark. When first getting there we met up with a less
active family who is going through some struggles. They promised us
they would come to church on Sunday, SPOILERS they didn't. Bummer.
After we again went to see G___ and J____. During the lesson J____
had told us he didn't really want to get baptized, but G_____ still
didn't know. So we had a super bomb lesson with them about prayer and
G____ actually prayed at the end of the lesson!

Friday we drove BACK UP TO DERBY again to pick up Elder Colemere, his
meeting went long so the day was nearly half over by the time we got
back to Ark. We did meet with J____, but him and G____ are going to
Arkansas, the state, for the weekend so we won't be seeing them for
awhile. Afterwards we went to meet up win Stella for dinner, she
bought us Taco Bell! The rest of the day was spent seeing less active
members and trying to get referrals.

Saturday we drove up to Winfield for some service. We did a lot of
yard work, and was rewarded with Pizza!! We went over to Stella's
house after, she had two of her sons over. I guess her brother is
dying so it's super hard on her, her son is also going through this
tough situation with adoption. We were able to give 3 Priesthood
blessings which was an incredible opportunity.

Sunday after church we went to take sacrament to a member who can't
make it to church. Afterwards we went see a less active member, who is
in HS. We gave him a scripture challenge, which he finished in like an
hour. He asked us to give him a challenge every night! So hopefully
this will spark his desire. Afterwards we went to the branch
presidents house for dinner. Roast! Reminds me of dinners back at
home! After we went to see a member, we didn't expect to stay for
long, but his cousin just moved in with him.

B___ is his name and he is a witness, or a Jehova's Witness, but he
said there was a few issues he had the church. We were able to teach
him the entire restoration, and he understood it all! At the end we
gave him a blessing, and we are going to see him again!

This week was really awesome. And there is still more to come!

- Elder Andrasko

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