Monday, June 6, 2016

Poker Face

 Posterity coat and tie

No bed!!

So new address is 5209 SW 12 Terrace APT 4 Topeka, KS 66604.
It's a decently nice place, not as nice as my last house. But that was one of the best houses in the whole mission.

Topeka is going pretty good, I have had to ride a bike once so far. We borrowed it from the Spanish Elders. There's a lot going on up here right now. Our whole district has a lot of potential to baptize this month, but in our companionship we had a problem yesterday getting people to church. We had 7 people that we could have had at church, but we only had one. So this week we are going to  really focus on spirituality progressing our investigators so they will be ready for church.

We had this crazy guy who was supposed to be baptized next week. This guy has a really bad mouth and he likes to tell a story of when he was in a coma for several months. During his entire time in a coma he played poker with Jesus, but he lost all 864 hands, because Jesus always had a royal flush. Anyway this guy hasn't been seen buy us or his brother for a few days, and it's kinda sketchy cause his brother looked at us straight in the eyes and told us he wanted to kill his brother. So...that's kind of a scary thought. Hopefully we'll see him soon.

We helped this family move, and they invited us to come over and teach them today. And the 9 year old kid said he wanted to be Mormon! So that's neat. A crazy thing also happened this week, we went to go talk to this guy, Nick, and apparently he got baptized when he was 16! Apparently his GF is also a baptized member, he has 4 kids and 3 are at baptism age! He said it was something he wanted for them, so that could be a miracle.

We had another cool miracle this week, we felt like we should go see this couple and so we started over there. We tried them but they weren't home, but there was some potential investigators who lived across the street, so we went to try them. When we knocked, this lady came from around the house and said she heard us knocking. So we started talking to her, she had a lot of golden questions, all were plan of salvation questions. Then she invited us into her backyard, she had a gun sitting on the table and was asking us why bad things happen to good people. I guess she was contemplating suicide and stuff. We then were able to give her a blessing and left her with a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet on the plan of salvation, and she accepted to be baptized on the 25th. We went back Sunday to talk to her, and she said she was about to read it with her Catholic mother, so we'll see what happens.

Not much else to write about. But things are good here and I am getting along well with my new companions! Three months into the mission and I've already been in two trios. It'll be weird to be back in a normal companionship next month.

Love ya tons!

- Elder Andrasko

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