Sunday, April 16, 2017

Great Expectations

Our Mini

Another week in the life of a missionary!

So this week was pretty good, we had some fun times, and some unexpected things happen. But overall it was a good week!

So Monday, P-day, was a good fun day. Elder Jordan and I decided we wanted to start playing tennis. So for a few hours we were at the court playing, and it was a ton of fun! Not a whole lot else happened on Monday.

Tuesday we had our district meeting, so we had to make the long drive out to Hutch. It's pretty lame, for any sort of missionary meeting we have, we drive at least half an hour. When we go to Wichita it is an hour. So it's lame being so far out of the way, but totally worth it to be serving in a small town like Mac. The only thing that it needs is a branch! One day. After district meeting we came back into town, someone said that if  we didn't have dinner plans then to call them. So we made a dinner appointment for that night, it was with the Travellers. They are one of my favorite people I have met my entire mission, I guess we didn't give them enough heads up about dinner, so instead of ribs we got steak. But hey I'm not complaining.

Wednesday we met a pretty cool college student. She was in our area book, but they dropped her as an investigator for a little bit because she was gone for winter break. So we decided to go try and meet her. Her name was Destiny, she was cool, but she is super busy and so it makes it hard to meet up with her. We've also been trying to meet up with a less-active family. But every time we set something up, they have to cancel of move the appointment because of work or something. So hopefully we can see them sometime soon.

So almost all of this week, the zone was talking about how the Wichita stake is doing mini-missions. Because Utah doesn't do mini-missions I will explain. Youth, 16 and older, sign up to become a mini-missionary, which means they go out with full time missionaries from Friday night to Sunday night. So anyway a few people in the zone were told that they were getting mini-missionaries. But we were in the clear. Friday we had a meeting down in Wichita, they had a big thing explaining what we need to do with the mini-missionaries. Then they told us that we were getting one! We had only a few hours notice! We had zero food for him, we barely had enough for us.

Anyway we went to go pick up our mini, the meeting started half an hour late. Then the Zone Leaders come up and say that ours didn't show up so we could leave. So we start driving home, 10 minutes from our house we get a call saying that we have a mini missionary and we need to pick him up! Luckily the Newton Elders drove him to Newton so we only had to drive an extra 20 minutes instead of 50.

Saturday with our mini missionary we went out to show him what missionary work is like. We had one set appointment and a day full of nothing. So we knocked on a bunch of doors! It was kinda fun? But at the end of the night we went to see Jim and Gayle and told our mini missionary, whose name is Thomas, that he had the lesson for today! He was kinda freaked out, but he told the restoration the best he could :) Jim and Gayle also had a visitor, and 8 y/o neighbor. She seemed a little interested, and liked the story of the restoration.

All in all it turned out to be a good, fun, week. We found out that Jeremy, the father of the family of seven, is a pastor. At the most popular church in town. So we aren't really sure why he is meeting with us. And the mother of the Nichols family, Theresa, got a job this week, which she attributes to the power of prayer! The Nichols family is cool, we just have to make sure they make it to church this week!!

It was a great week, with more to great things ahead!

-Elder Andrasko

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