Monday, April 3, 2017

Change the World

Transfer week!

We started off the week with just a bunch of goodbyes, a Elder Tolley was sad that he was only here for one transfer, but I am happy that I get to stay.

Wednesday we drove down to Wichita to do all of the exchanges and what not, and Elder Colemere was there! He told me that he is going home one transfer early to play soccer, so he only has two transfers left. So the end for him is coming up quick. Wednesday night we didn't have any plans so we go to a potentials house when we knocked on their door her mom came out and looked pretty annoyed at us. She asked us, "what are you doing here?" And as we told her what our purpose is as missionaries her heart was softened, and she invited us back to share more of our message. It's a family of three and they are super excited to learn more about the gospel. We are gonna see them tonight!

So a few weeks ago we offered some service for someone we saw working, and he accepted our offer. After we finished he invited us over the next week, well the next week he rescheduled for this last week. So we went over on Thursday for dinner and a lesson. Well they are a family of 7 and the father, Jeremy, has had a lot of experience in the church, he had friends growing up that took him to stake dances and seminary and stuff. We had an awesome lesson on the restoration!

So we were looking through the area book and there was a guy whose address was "royal ct, black truck" so we look up royal ct, and there isn't a street with that name anywhere near us. So we just type in r court, and we found a ranch court. So we decided to drive over there and see if we saw a black truck. When we got there almost every home had a car in the driveway, but none of them were black. But we decided to knock the whole street, and the second house we knock on was the guy we were looking for. We got a return appointment, and there was another house that we are going back to as well.

Elder Jordan and I are getting along pretty well, we are planning to make this the best transfer yet! There's not a whole lot to talk about this week. We had a lot of people bail on us, but we met a ton of potential. Like the family of three, the Nichols, and the family of seven, the Bowers.

Looking forward to an awesome transfer!

- Elder Andrasko

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