Monday, March 27, 2017

Stayin' Alive

Well this week is transfer week, and I will be staying in McPherson for another 6 weeks! But I will be getting a new companion, 3 companions in 3 transfers in 1 area.

This week was pretty good, we once again went to eat with the awesome Mexican family in Newton, we watched The Testaments with Jim and Gayle, and we met cool people.

So on Monday we got a call from a member in the ward who said someone who used to live in the ward needed help moving things. So the three of us went and helped move things out of storage into a moving truck, there wasn't a lot of stuff just a lot of spiders. But afterwards the Brother who called us took us out to dinner, we went to Applebee's! I got a burger. 

Tuesday we had District Meeting, the last one of the transfer! Also the last one we would have in Hutch, or so I thought, guess us and the Newton missionaries (who is in the same ward as us) are going to be in different districts for another transfer. But we had some trainings, did some role plays, and went to McDonalds! The rest of the day didn't go as well. We had our day pretty well planned out, but every single person we went to see cancelled! But we did meet this guy named Craig, he has talked to missionaries before and has a lot of the same beliefs that we do. But he also doesn't? He said he is in between believing creationism or evolution, but just doesn't know which he believes more. We had a pretty good lesson with him, and he said we could come back some time.

So Wednesday is our weekly planning day, which takes a little bit of time. So before we started that we went to try a potential that we met last week, but she wasn't home. So we came back, did weekly planning and eat lunch. Then we had an apartment inspection, that took a lot longer than I would've hoped. But the good news is we have a clean apartment. We didn't get a whole lot of time to do work before dinner, but we did help someone move a mattress! We then had dinner with our awesome Mexican family, then we went to our missionary correlation meeting, and since we were already in Newton we could physically go! Which is a first for me in this ward. We had around an hour to work when we got back from Newton. But we found two new investigators in that hour! One is an older woman named Juanita, the other is a guy named Brett. 

Thursday was a biking day! Since we had drove a TON of miles we decided we should probably save some for the rest of the month. But it was a good day to bike, even though my bike is not very good. We committed some people to come to church! We went and tried this former, Bill, who I've met a few times. He's progressed a little in the past so we stopped by. He told us his frustrations with the other churches he's been too, and so we showed him a video from our fancy "church tour" app, and he said he would come this Sunday! A little bit later we saw someone we knew down the road and we stopped to talk to him. Well he wasn't in much of a talking mood, he was drinking, but his neighbor talked to us. Her name is Wanda, and she is dating Craig (who was mentioned earlier). She's been going through a rough patch in her life, so we talked about Christ and his atonement, and she said she needed to be going back to church and would come to ours. Nice!

Friday was another biking day! We've been having really good weather, so biking has been really nice. So we went all the way to the north side of town, to try some less actives, and try to contact people around there. We met a kid who was real polite and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. So once we got to the north end of town, the people that we tried weren't home/didn't answer. So we rode all the way to the south end of town! We met a lot of interesting people, but they all have an awesome faith in Christ! We had set a time to have dinner and watch a church film with Jim and Gayle for Friday, but when we got there they had company. Well it was the lady who lived in the house before them and is keeping all of her stuff there. Jim and Gayle hardly have any room for their stuff, she was supposed to come and take her stuff this month, but she hasn't yet and this visit wasn't it either. So we moved dinner back a few hours to when she wouldn't be around. But when we went back we watched The Testaments. That was such an awesome movie, even though it was a little cheesy.

Saturday we had another rough start to the day, we couldn't catch anyone home! We went to see Bill, and he told us he wasn't going to come church with us! So after we tried everyone we had made plans for, we decided to go to Hillsboro a few hours earlier than planned. We were able to see the Willis family, our super awesome less active family. We had our lesson with hem at the park, her oldest son was visiting and she promised she would take the grandkids to the park. On our way back from Hillsboro we stopped in to see Mitch! Now this guy is crazy, and E. Tolley is the fourth missionary who has seen him with me (E. Smack and twice on exchanges). He said he'd come to church if we watched a movie with him, I agreed but told him we got to pick the movie! We didn't come to church though, so no movie! Then we saw Brandon, who I met in exchanges a few weeks ago. He told us he is getting ready to go down to a Disney Oklahoma to do some rock crawling! So we connected a little bit talking about Disney!

Sunday was a hoot! I love Sunday, especially going to sacrament meeting. Our ride for church picked us up at 7:45, which is pretty early. And I was exhausted the entire day! After church the sisters had a baptism! We had a part in the program, it's always super fun to see baptisms. 

Anyways this week was super awesome, transfers are coming up which means another opportunity to learn and grow. And learn how to get along with another companion.

Looking forward to a killer week!

- Elder Andrasko

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