Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Shine On!

Tanner and Morgan

On Exchanges

Hello once again!

This week sure was busy! Had lots of time that we weren't able to go out and work!

Monday was P-Day, and we spent most of the day cleaning! We had car inspections he next day so we tried to make it look nice and clean for it! 

So Tuesday we had to leave pretty early to be in Wichita on time and to get a car wash, well the car wash was pretty terrible, but we were on time! Good thing we spent time cleaning the car because someone from Salt Lake who is over the cars was at our Conference!

Zone Conference was really awesome and we were able to get some sweet revelation and learn new things to help hasten the work. I think it's so awesome that we have interviews and Zone Conference every month, it really gives us an opportunity to build a great relationship with President McCuistion. And he really is such an awesome and inspired man.

Afterwards we had a few appointments and went to dinner with the Travellers! Now the Travellers are a less active couple who are probably some of the greatest people ever. Whenever we go over we get fed better than almost anywhere else I've been on my mission. This week was ribs, and boy where they good.

Wednesday we had a district meeting and exchanges. So the way exchanges work now is that both companionships work in the same area, so we spent he entire day in Hutchinson, Kansas. And the weather was nice enough that we could ride bikes, in fact the weather was so nice that it got in the upper 80s and may have hit 90!! Now that is crazy. But it was a good day and had a fun time.

Thursday we exchanged back and got home around 1:30 so we finally had some time to work in our area. Unfortunately most of he people we tried weren't home, but we got to see this kid we've been working with named Bo! But unfortunately Bo told us his mom got mad when she saw the Book of Mormon and she took it. So this week we are going to try and talk to her and see if we can continue teaching Bo. Afterwards we went back to the apartment and made Rice Krispie Treats for Family Home Evening. Now they weren't the best, but it was edible and that's all that matters. We had only a few people show up, but this week we should have a lot more than we've had in the past. 

Friday we went and saw Jim and Gayle, well Gayle cause Jim has been sleeping all week. But Gayle has been struggling lately, and we were able to have a good lesson with her and help her the best we can. We had dinner with the bishops family that evening, they live about 30 minutes away from us, on the way back we were able to see a few people in those towns we hardly get out to.

Saturday we started with service at the Traveller's house, we had to make the horse pen bigger, Brother Traveller (Chris) smashed his finger pretty good and it looked pretty bad, I only smashed it a little and it doesn't look to bad. But it was fun and we talked about the Utah State Aggies! Afterwards he took us out to Subway for lunch. We later had a lesson with the mother of our family of 10, and we talked for quite some time. But it was fun and we got to know her, and her religious background a little bit better. That night we had dinner with one of my favorite less active families ever, the Willis family! They are so fun and they love the missionaries. Sister Willis wants so badly to come to church, but her work schedule has kept her from coming for a long time. We went to a Chinese buffet, only a little sketchy, but it was really good!

On Sunday Elder a Tolley had to give a talk, I tried using that to get less actives to come to church, unfortunately it didn't work...but it was an awesome talk! After church we were able to go to one of the colleges in town to watch some of our investigators wrestle!! It was an all girls tournament and it was pretty cool, unfortunately everyone we went to see lost, but it was still cool. That night we had dinner with even more less actives! But these less actives are really active freemasons, so that was interesting to talk about. I now know a little bit more about it. That evening we had a pretty awesome lesson with a guy named Sam, it was only the second time I had met him, but we were able to address some of his questions about the Book of Mormon. He just looks at it like a book with good morales, but not scripture. So hopefully after our wayyy too long lesson with him he'll start reading it.

Anyway this week was super awesome and I love being a missionary so much!

Have an amazing week!

- Elder Andrasko

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