Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Circle of Life

Hello one and all! Here's the latest on my life!

This week definitely had its ups and downs, just like the rest of life. But it was great!

Three reasons why this week was great
  1. We went bowling as a zone!
  2. We had dinner with awesome Mexicans and played Mexican Bingo!
  3. People came to church!

So just some cool things that happened.

Monday, just like I said above ⬆️, we went bowling! Afterwards we all went to the church and started a 4v4 basketball tournament. The way we played was when a team scored 3 baskets the loser would rotate out and the winner stayed in the court. There was only three teams so it was pretty exhausting, especially if you won multiple games in a row and hardly got a break. Monday night we did the real hard/exhausting work though, we did missionary work! Missionary work is great, but I've never been so tired all the time in my entire life. Anyways we didn't have many plans when it got to the end of the night, so we were kinda just walking, but we decided to try a door...Then just like that we find an awesome person who likes the message and is willing to get baptized. The bad news is that we haven't really been able to see her since. Her name is Zoie (Zoey spelled differently) she is 16 and a junior in HS, we had a return appointment so we could talk to her mom, Theresa, some more but it turned out not to be a good time for us to come by.

So this week like half of Kansas was on fire, luckily it didn't affect our area. But just to the west of us in Hutchinson the fires were out of control! As soon as I got out of the car, on the way back from Wichita on Monday, I could tell something was on fire. The winds were constantly blowing, with gusts up to like 50 MPH! So that didn't help the fires either. A few people lost their homes, and a lot of farmland was lost as well. So that's not good.

Tuesday was a pretty lame day, we had almost zero lessons. We weren't able to get into any houses to teach lessons until the end of the night. Even Gayle and Jim who we see every day we weren't to see, so it was kinda a rough day. But on the bright side we got bomb taco truck food from Tanner and Morgan! Also they decided to start attending institute! So that's cool. We also had our district meeting on Tuesday, which is in Hutch so the main road to get there was closed, because of fires, and the road the church is on was also blocked off. So it was a little more difficult to get there.

Funny story that happened on Wednesday. So we were signed up to eat with a less active family, and we had confirmed it the night before, but when we show up  the husband, was asleep and he hadn't told his wife that we were coming over! He worked from 11 PM - 11 AM and had gotten to bed just a few hours before we got there. So they just gave us a pizza instead. But I do feel bad for waking him up, that's why they are less active, because his work schedule is crazy.

So Thursday was my 1 year mark, crazy how quickly time goes. Seems like just yesterday I got to the MTC. I remember that I forgot my bag with all my scriptures and stuff in it at home! Fun times. So there was a Mexican family that had signed up to feed us Thursday, but all the other missionaries on Friday. So we weren't quite sure, if they meant to sign up for us on Friday too. So we tried getting into contact with them, but we had no working phone number for them. So through the sisters we were able to confirm that it was indeed Friday and that we were invited, even though we don't speak Spanish. Which was good that it got rescheduled, because gen we could make it to Family Home Evening! It was our best turn out yet, which still wasn't too great! But I had this great lesson all planned out on my iPad. But guess who forgot his stuff over at Jim and Gayle's house? Of course I would, I am pretty absent minded sometimes. So we had to kinda make something up, so we talked about using social media for missionary work! Which was also kinda my plan. But it worked out pretty alright, afterwards we tried to play a game of Mafia! But it didn't work out with so few people, still fun though.

On Friday we met this crazy lady who had no teeth! We had a pretty good lesson with her. We decided to walk to our next few appointments to try and meet more people, and because my bike is terrible. It was a good time, but it started getting chilly this week. Wednesday was 70 degrees, which maybe we got warmed by all the fires. But the temp started dropping. But walking still was fun! We got to meet some people, some nice, some not so nice. Later we went to talk to the parents of a kid we've talked to a few times, the dad wasn't too nice to us and told us not to come back. Darn. But that night was probably the highlight of the week! Dinner with a Mexican Family! They made awesome tacos! It was fun because they hardly spoke English and we know almost zero Spanish! And after the dinner they got out Mexican bingo, lotería, which was a good time. I won once! Then at the insistence of Brother Medina we took lots of pictures.

Saturday we met a few cool less actives. One of them loves hunting, you could say he is obsessed. And after talking for a bit he brought us some deer summer sausage with cheese and jalapeños! And it is pretty good. Another less active we met asked where we were from, and after he heard I was from Sandy he said his dad lives in White City, and that he went to high school at old Jordan High! So I was able to meet a fellow beetdigger! Awesome, you never know what you'll come across here in Kansas.

Sunday was awesome!! So we made it to church late, because our ride is a college student, but when we walked in we saw Challenge and his wife Mika (the less-actives who gave us pizza)! Then when we sat down we saw Jim and Gayle! Yay! Jim loved church, and hopefully he will continue to come and work towards baptism!

This week was awesome and fun! I love missionary work so much, and I especially love Kansas and the people of Kansas. Tornado season is here, so maybe I'll get the chance to see my first tornado!

Have a killer week!

- Elder Andrasko

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