Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Army of Helaman

Hello once again!

Man transfers came once again, funny how they seem to creep up on ya. Well after a fun 6 weeks with a Elder Smack it was time to say goodbye, so that's mostly what we did the first few days of the week. Which was nice because a lot of the time it included food! So we got fed pretty good on Monday and Tuesday! 

Wednesday finally rolled around and we had one last goodbye to say. Not sure if I've written about them before, but we got this really cool recent convert named Tanner and his member girlfriend Morgan. They are like our best friends and we hang out with them every Monday and they are helping us organize a FHE group at the school. So right before we left for Wichita we drive by the college and said goodbye to them and took some pictures. Then off we went! It was sad to say goodbye to E Smack, but got to see Elder Stirling and that was super fun! He's doing great by the way! Then I went off to find my new companion, Elder Tolley!

Now it's always a little weird at first getting used to a new companion, but you just gotta find a way to have fun with them! Elder Tolley is an awesome missionary, he's from Illinois! So not another Utah companion, that's three companions in a row not from Utah!! I have a ton of goals for this new transfer and Elder Tolley is just the man to help me with the job. One really good thing about him is that he's super clean, so now the apartment will always be clean! He's also a straight up PMG missionary which is awesome, and also something I need to work at, so it'll be an awesome transfer!

So a few people we've been teaching. There's this guy named Hayden, so me and E. Smack met Hayden outside a coffee shop and he said we could come by and talk to him sometime. So me and E. Smack went over, and he invited a friend as well, awesome! Well turned out not to be so awesome, this friend  just tried to bash with us sometime. And after we left he gave Hayden an anti Book of Mormon movie. So a few weeks later we go back, this time with E. Tolley, to see if he could progress at all. It was a semi-decent lesson, but he didn't seem real willing to read the Book of Mormon, but the icing on the cake was he gave us the anti movie. So we know have an anti movie sitting in our car and no idea what to do with it. We want to take Tanner over there, because he's awesome, and see if anything changes. But if not, we'll probably have to drop Hayden.

Another guy we are teaching, Spencer, is super awesome! So Spencer is really willing to see our point of view and has no objections, that we know of, to reading. We had a pretty good lesson with him this week about the Book of Mormon, what it is, and how it testifies of the restoration. His big thing is that it's faith alone that gets you into heaven, well faith and grace, which isn't false just incomplete. He doesn't feel like baptism or any other ordinance would be required, which seems to be the general belief in McPherson. Spencer has a lot of questions for us, and they are all really good questions, but we want him to be able to read and find out for himself. So we'll see what happens this coming week.

There's a lot of other people that we've been teaching that has some good potential, like our family of ten, but we really just need to focus on being able to progress them towards coming to church. So hopefully we can have a really awesome week this week and see lots of miracles!

Speaking of church, this week was Stake Conference for the Wichita Stake. We had two members from the seventy there and they reorganized the stake presidency. Luckily they broadcast the meeting to the church in Newton, so we didn't have to drive all the way to Wichita. And it was a super awesome meeting, so awesome in fact that we got to sustain Tanner to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood!! So awesome, and he's only been baptized for four months! He's progressed a ton since getting baptized, so next week they are planning on ordaining him! Yay!

So unfortunately we won't be getting any meals this week, since it was Stake Conference nobody signed up on our meal calendar. But our Ward Mission leader did give us Subway gift cards! So that can be a few dinners this week. And we do have a few things at home to make, so I guess we can survive. 

Really looking forward to this week and all the miracles that come along with it!!

Love Ya!

- Elder Andrasko

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