Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Hello one and all!

Well Transfer week is here and looks like I will be able to stay here in McPherson for at least another six weeks! Elder Smack on the other hand has ended his run here at six months...It was a heck of a time and we sure had some fun, but the Lord has other plans for us. So on Wednesday Elder Tolley will be coming all the way from Andover, which is actually still in the Bel Aire Zone, so not too far of a move for him.

This week was pretty sweet! The highlight of the week was definitely the day we spent at the college, and by day I mean lunch. So we have been talking to the lady who is over the spirituality for McPherson College and she said that we could set up a booth during lunch. So we finally got to do that this week. We were fully prepared, well kind of (we had to steal stuff from other missionaries), with copies of the Book of Mormon, all sorts of pamphlets, The Living Christ, The Articles of Faith, and The Family; a Proclamation to the World! We were able to hand out several books, and someone took one while we were getting our lunch. But we have some appointments with some of those people! It was also an opportunity for students who were members to know where the church is and when we meet!  So all in all it turned out pretty well.

This week, and every week following, we will have another cool opportunity to go to the college for a Family Home Evening! We set it up for every Thursday at 7:30, not exactly sure what we will be talking about yet, but it will be awesome!

We pretty much knew this week that Elder Smack was going to be leaving so everywhere we went there was goodbyes to be said, it was kinda sad. It'll be a hard transition, especially because I don't feel like I know the area super well, but it will be a good change. We have a lot of people with potential here, we just need to get them to church, reading their scriptures, and saying their prayers (there's a big emphasis on that right now in the mission).

So this transfer is a pretty crazy one, President McCuistion said something like 55 out of 86 companionships have been effected by the transfer. Not only are they moving missionaries, but moving areas to different zones! Now that is some crazy stuff. But he is an inspired man and I really look up to him.

This last transfer had really got me thinking, and I have made some really awesome plans for how this next transfer will truly change me, so hopefully in the next six weeks I can become a better disciple of Christ and a better missionary. TGFTA thank goodness for the Atonement!

So we've been teaching this guy who is absolute nuts. The funny thing is I've been over there three times each with a different companion, and man that guy just keeps going off "you probably bring them over here to show them what missionary work is like, and I just keep scaring them off!" But that guy is a hoot.

Oh we also had Zone training this week, pretty cool, got to learn new stuff and receive cool revelation.

Anyways transfer weeks are crazy, but love y'all!

- Elder Andrasko

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