Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hello! Things here in JC are awesome!

This week was awesome! Well besides the weather, it's been getting
real cold. It actually snowed for the first time this year! Luckily
for us it was our week with the car, the "new car". Man I can't
emphasize enough how nice it is to have this car. Anyways this week we
went on two exchanges, was supposed to be three but the last one got

A big focus of our week was finding new investigators, we've been
struggling to find new people. So on Tuesday we started, and at the
end of the night we had found what seemed to be a miracle. His name is
Nick, and he knows a lot about the church already, mostly what he's
heard from his fellow soldiers. And at the end of our lesson he
accepted a baptism date! But unfortunately when we went back a few
days later he said he didn't want to change religions or anything, but
that he was still willing to read the Book of Mormon. Well at least
it's something

Wednesday was the first of our two exchanges, and I went into the JC
Branch area for the first time since I've been here! It was pretty
exciting, got to see how the other side lives. 

Thursday was super awesome! So we had dinner at a member's house on
Thursday and when we got there they said they had invited someone
over. Well it was the 2nd oldest girl's boyfriend, and the father is a
Stake High Counselor and had been talking to him a lot about he
church. So much so that he wanted to speak to the missionaries. It
went really awesome and he wants to work towards baptism! We have
another lesson with him at their home this Thursday. His name is Blake
and he's super awesome.

Friday was round 2 of our exchanges, this time I got to stay on the
ward side of town. It was also the ward Christmas party, a few of us
missionaries made our own nativity, pictures included. Friday we also
started a new investigator challenge, as a district we were to try and
find 16 new investigators in two days. Well we ended up crushing it
and moved the goal to 24, we ended with 25. So we focused a lot of
those two days on finding, and centering our teaching on the Book of

Saturday was a sad day, there was a "funeral" for a sister in the
district who finished her mission today. She didn't know about it, but
we made a casket, and the Brinkerhoff's (senior missionary couple)
made an obituary and Eulogy that was read there. We also had some
lunch. It was actually really funny, but she didn't think so. Later
that night we were out and hadn't had much luck, so we promised the
Lord we'd knock 10 doors before dinner, we'll a few things came up and
we only had 15 minutes before dinner. So we literally sprinted to
doors to knock in them, and it turned out really well. There was a few
people who were legitimately interested! So we'll see them again this

Sunday might have been the most awkward, embarrassing, day of my life.
So the Brinkerhoff's volunteered all the missionaries to have a
special musical number during sacrament meeting, well none of us are
musically inclined, a few of us can play piano, but not a single one
of us can sing. So that was exciting, sorta. But it is not an
experience I will soon forget, nor one that I will soon repeat, even
though we did because we sang in the ward and the branch.

Anyways things are going super awesome and I'm having a great time,
this time of the year is really awesome for missionary work. Remember
that every member is a missionary so don't be afraid to help! Or
invite someone to hear the message of the gospel, oh and
#LightTheWorld is cool too, so do that.

Anyways love y'all!

- Elder Andrasko

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