Monday, December 19, 2016

Cold as Ice

Hello! This week was freezing cold, but lots of good stuff happened too!

To start off I cannot emphasize enough how freezing cold it was, sure Utah and other places get cold, but they don't have the wind like Kansas does. And this week when the temperature dropped we got wind of 30-40 miles an hour. So when it was 5 degrees outside the windchill made it 25 degrees below 0! So yep pretty cold, we were out walking in it, had a good time, first time it snowed too!

Well anyways, there was some really awesome stuff that happened this week. First off on Tuesday we had interviews with our mission president! President McCuistion really is awesome, and super inspired, I got a ton of revelation from our interview together! Another awesome thing that happened was we had a dinner appointment with one of our investigators!

The Rodgers family! Two weeks ago Desmond, the father, asked if we had people feed us and stuff, then he offered to feed us! So we were able to go have a super awesome dinner, it was chili, then have a great restoration lesson with him and his wife! We invited them for baptism, they said they'd talk about it, but they agreed! The only problem is they went back home to Kentucky for Christmas and won't be back until the 1st or 2nd! But on the plus side he said he'd like to have a weekly dinner with us when he gets home!  

Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Manhattan, well it was supposed to be in Junction but got changed because the building was closed for cleaning. It was a super awesome meeting! We didn't get home until about 5:30 and we had dinner at 6, but we had a little time after dinner to go out and proselyte!

We made a commitment that we would invite to baptism at least once a day everyday, we missed a couple days though, and it was super awesome! Even though some of the invites were awkward and seemed out of place we were able to meet a lot more people and make them new investigators! So that went really well!

We met a really awesome lady a little bit ago, her name is Christine, anyways when we met her she introduced herself as a really bad catholic and told us to come back another time. So we came back and she wanted to know what we believed, what the Book of Mormon was about, everything! It was super awesome, she has 3 children, the oldest just turned 10 and is autistic. So we gave her a picture Book of Mormon, which she has started reading to her children from the beginning! She's hoping it will make them less crazy haha. Unfortunately she couldn't make it to church because of the weather,
she won't drive in the snow. So his week we are gonna get her super solid, and set up a member ride just in case she can't make it.

This week we have the car and we are planning to go to all the little towns in our area that we never get the chance to make it to, our dinner on Tuesday is over an hour away! So we'll be able to go to a
lot of the little towns around on our way.

Not much else going on, just cold and windy. Transfers are just a week away so we'll see what changes come next week!

Kansas is awesome! I love it here so much! I can understand why Dorothy says, "There's no place like home!"

Have a good week!

- Elder Andrasko

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