Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Week in Paradise!

This week was just another week in paradise.

We've definitely had our ups and downs but overall we had a good week.

We had specialized training this week, which is where the president and his assistants would come and give us a training and help us to be better missionaries. It was super awesome because it was Manhattan and Salina zones, so I was able to see a lot of missionaries I've served around before. Afterwards we all went out to get food, it's always fun to see the people I served around. The mission is like a huge family so every mission get together is like a family reunion.

So last week we met this really awesome lost sheep member, Angie, who was baptized when she was a teenager in Las Vegas but stopped coming when she moved to Kansas. Anyway we were able to get in this week and start teaching her husband! They are so nice and they have two young kids.

We also met a few other part member families this week who have a ton of potential. There is Brother Delgado, who is basically a member already, he comes to church every single week and obeys all of the commandments. He just says he doesn't want to be baptized because his family was devout catholic and he thinks being baptized would betray his family.

Then we met the Waremans, the father is a member and his wife and three children are unbaptized. The mom is super into girl scouts with her daughter, then one son plays soccer, and the other plays football. The father is out of town until the 15th, and they have a crazy busy schedule so they are very hard to stop in and see.

We met a couple other cool people this week, this lady named Hannah told us she was looking for a more family oriented church and we stated telling her about our church. But she told us she didn't want to be a Mormon, I thought there was no way we were going to help her progress, but that's when Elder a Stirling's greenie fire kicks in and somehow she agrees to take and read a Book of Mormon. Which she has been reading. We also met Heather this week, we just walked up to her as she was sitting on her porch. She is a really nice lady who is also really super busy, but she is super open to us coming by and sharing a message.

Well today was pretty lame, we had to drive up to Manhattan for a zone p-day. We were the first ones to arrive so we were just sitting out and waiting, then when a few other showed up we were messing around with a volleyball, I was pretty weighed down with a bunch of stuff in my pocket so I took it all out and put it on the car. Then when it was time to go I hopped in the car and drove away, forgetting that I put my stuff there. Luckily we got the phone back, unluckily I lost my wallet. So that's lame, but other than that I had a good week! [NOTE: He got his wallet back! Someone found it and turned it in to the police department.]

Love y'all!

- Elder Andrasko

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