Sunday, September 25, 2016

Under Pressure!

This week was stressful!

So to start off the week we went on exchanges, so I stayed in the area
and Elder Stirling went to the DLs area. It was a really awesome
exchange and we saw a ton of awesome miracles. During Zone Pow Wow the
ZLs started a little contest to help motivate us, "The Hunger Games".
So how it is played is that every two hours each companionship needed
to invite to baptism at least once, and if you didn't invite during
those two hours you were out! So by the time we got back from the
meeting, cause we live super far, we had 30 minutes to find someone to
invite. Then we met Pat! We seemed really nice and open to the
message, he even has a ton of friends who are members, we invited him
to a date and he accepted! Then we set up a lesson in the church for
Saturday! We were doing really good in the games, we invited during
the 2-4 block and the 4-6 block and the 6-8 block, but we didn't get
the very last hour so we were eliminated. Oh well.

There is this really cool guy we met not too long ago, his name is
Greg, we've been stopping by every so often to see him and follow up
on reading and what not. And we stopped by again this week and we met
Jerry, his father? In law? Something. And he was really awesome! He
told us of all these people who he knew that was members and was
interested in what we believe. We haven't been able to see him since
we met him cause he went out of town, but this week we'll follow up
with him and see if he is still interested!

Saturday we had two lessons in the church set up, one at 11 and
another at 2. But we had service  in the morning, which we had to
leave early to go to the church. Unfortunately our 11 appointment
didn't show and he wasn't home and so that didn't happen, then our 2
o'clock appointment also didn't show, they said they were busy. But
they told us they would come to church!

So Sunday we call to make sure our peeps are still coming, and a
family said all of their kids should be there, and there is 5 of them.
So we were waiting anxiously for them to show, which they never did.
We were sad about this. But some good stuff did happen this week too!

After all of the disappointments during the weekend we went out Sunday
night determined that we were going to find someone. So we headed out
after dinner and talked with EVERYONE until we finally found someone
who would talk to us. We met this cool guy named Norman who is one
year away from retiring from the military. He was born in the
Philippines and moved when his dad joined the armed services, that's
when his family became Christian. We got a return appointment for
tonight! So hopefully all goes well.

This week has had its share of ups and downs. Hopefully we will have
the best week ever and find someone to progress towards baptism!

I love y'all!

- Elder Andrasko

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