Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Good Day Sunshine

Things here are going, we have been really struggling this week to help people progress. We have so many awesome people that we are seeing, but almost none of them are progressing. So during is next week we are going to do everything that we can to progress people towards church, because if people start coming to church, then people are going to start getting baptized.

President McCuistion really likes math, and he made the observation that on average every 27 investigators equals one baptism. So he is pushing us finding 3 new investigators a day, 21 a week. And if we do this week in and week out our total baptism count as a mission will increase exponentially. He has also changed the way we set goals, last month our baptism goal as a mission was 70, this month it is 186. It's a pretty high number, but I'm pretty sure it's attainable, every companionship would need to baptize two.

We met a family this week, don't ask their last name cause everyone has a different one. But the previous missionaries had already set up daily contact, so we can see them nearly every night. It's always been a doorstep lesson with two or three people, but there are a few who are genuinely interested. One is a kid, he is 15 and on the JV football team, then there is his brother, he is a bit younger 12 or so, but he also seems pretty interested. Then their dad is a pretty big dude, but very soft spoken and kind. They are pretty cool, we just have to start progressing them and g them coming to church!

One really crazy thing about serving here is all of the military, most of the ward is military and there is a big deployment coming up. So in the next few months nearly all the men will be going to either Korea, Afghanistan, or Iraq. So Junction City is going to become a ghost town. Part of that is the auxiliary leaders are always changing as well. Just this past Sunday we got a new counselor in the bishopric because the other one is going to Korea.

We just finished our two weeks with the car, so this next week we will be on bikes, oh joy. And the weather forecast shows storms coming this next week. So at least it will be nice and cool for us to be on bikes! One of the biggest downsides to bikes is that our area is so large, with so many little towns that are 20+ miles away. It's hard enough getting to them with the car. But there were some part member families we were wanting to visit this next week.

This week we also had Zone Training, it was a really awesome opportunity to learn and see what we could be doing better. Most of the trainings that we had dealt with first contacts, and making people new investigators. I think that as we go out this week and apply what we learned we are going to see tons of success.

The transfer is already halfway over, crazy how fast time moves while I'm out here. Six months has just flown by. Everyday is filled with miracles and I am so lucky to be in the best mission in the World! 

Love Y'all

- Elder Andrasko

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