Tuesday, June 28, 2016


This week was amazing, one of the most amazing of amazing weeks ever!

So this week was Elder Mitchell's last week here, which is really sad, so we planned on going harder than ever before. Which we did, we went out everyday doing more than what is expected and expecting miracles. Elder Mitchell went on a lot of exchanges this week, so he was only able to work in our area for about half the week.

We did a lot this week to prepare for the Pierce family's baptism. We asked them who they wanted to baptism them. The 8 year old  asked me to baptize him,  the 11 year old  asked Elder Mitchell to baptize him, and the mom asked Elder Porter to baptize her. So we would all be dressed in white for it! The last thing left to do was the interviews! We went over the BIQs, (baptismal interview questions),
several times to make sure they would all be able to pass. They were solid!

Friday Prez came down to interview the mom for her baptism, which she passed!! And the Zone Leaders interviewed the kids, and they passed too! So the baptism was good to go. After the interview Prez stayed and went out to work with Elder Mitchell. They were able to find a new
investigator and put her on date!

Saturday was the baptism! So the first half of the day was spent running around and rounding up investigators to attend the baptism. After a good chunk of time doing that we went to the church to get everything ready.

The church was packed with members from the ward and investigators from nearly every companionship in Topeka. Before the baptism there was a talk about baptism and the Holy Ghost given by one of the most solid recent converts ever. He got baptized last month and is already
preparing for a mission. It was a really awesome talk. After, we made our way over to the font, then they were baptized!!

Sunday in church the same people who baptized them confirmed them. It was my first time confirming, so I was a little nervous. But it went great!

I found out today that I will be transferred, so it will be hard to say goodbye to that family. But I'm excited for my adventures in Wichita! My new zone leader will be Elder Colemere so I'm excited to serve around him again.

- Elder Andrasko

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