Monday, June 13, 2016

Feed My Sheep

My first full week in Topeka was awesome! We have been able to find and teach so many great people.

This past week we started teaching two families.

One day we were riding our bikes towards an appointment and there is this lady on her porch enjoying a nice cigarette, when she calls out and says, "Y'all got any literature I can read?" So of course we stopped and started to talk about the Book of Mormon, then her husband steps out and starts listening and asks "Can I get me one of those too?".  They have 4 kids and love learning about Jesus. Unfortunately we went to talk to them one day and the husband told us he was interested in what we believed so he googled us. He ended up finding a lot of anti Mormon stuff, we sorted it all out, but they don't seem nearly as interested as they were before. So we'll see what happens.

The Pierce family is really super awesome! One day we went out to see a potential investigator, but he wasn't home, we ended up talking to his mom a little bit and she told us of one of her friends who needed
help moving. We of course said that we would help, hopped on our bikes and rode a few blocks and helped her out! The mother is a single mom with 4 kids, and they are on date for the 25th!! She even gave us her
cigarettes! And yesterday at church she bonded with a lot of the ladies in Relief Society, she walked out telling everyone she'll see them next week! So if all goes right they will be Elder Mitchell's last baptism, and my first family!

So we were driving down the street when we were stopped by this guy who looked a little crazy. He proceeded to ask of we were Mormons. When we answered in the affirmative he told us about how we was meeting with missionaries before and how much they were helping him out. We stopped by the next day, committed him to live the word of wisdom and proceeded to put him on date for July 2nd! He is a cool guy who used to be a minister, he told us how much he likes our church and seemed genuinely interested.

We went to see the lady who we put on date last week who we gave a blessing to, we hadn't been able to get in contact with her for awhile. But we saw her yesterday and she said she was looking for a place to rent, and it turned out we knew of a place. We were able to talk to one of her friends, who turned out was meeting with the missionaries before he moved. He told her how much we could help her out. And they both accepted to be baptized on the 2nd! I am going to
have a busy birthday!!

Anyway those were the highlights of my week.

Love, Elder Andrasko

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