Monday, August 22, 2016

Singin' in the Rain

Kansas is awesome.

It was a pretty ok week, but some really awesome stuff happened too.

We started out a bit slow this week, Elder LaMont felt sick so it took
us a little bit longer to get out of the house this week, but when we
got out we just started going super hard. We talked to every single
person we saw and gave out so many copies of the Book of Mormon. It
felt so good going out and making things happen.

We met some really awesome people too, we went to contact a former
investigator, Clarence, and he let us right in and we were able to do
a restoration lesson and the spirit was so strong. We totally dropped
the ball on not inviting them for baptism, but we committed them to
read, and we set up a return appointment.

This week Crystal was packing up and moving to Dallas. She had asked
us to come and help her, and we totally forgot to ask people to come
and help us. We made the mistake of getting a ride there so we ended
up staying for 4 hours helping them move, but we got a new
investigator in the process. It was Crystal's cousin, Rick; he grew up
Jehovah's Witness but left because he was super pressured by his mom.
He was in a terrible accident in the past that put him in a 3 month
coma, so he had some problems, but he is a cool guy. Hopefully he will
agree to have the Elders come and teach him more.

Sunday after church we were going to an apartment complex to go and
contact people when the phone rang and it was the mission president.
He asked for Elder LaMont and they talked for a little bit, then he
handed the phone to me.

I was told that I would be leaving Wichita and going to Junction City
and training, so I'm whitewashing. I'm excited and nervous, I don't
know that I'm ready to train, but I'm definitely going to try my best.
I've learned so much this short time I've been out and I have no doubt
that I'm going to learn so much more these next few transfers.

Love you,

Elder Andrasko

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