Tuesday, August 30, 2016


With Elder Stirling in Junction City
They caught a bat...in the church!
So last minute the mission president changed who I am training, so I am now training Elder Stirling! He's from a really really small town in Nevada called Alamo. He's sort of a lanky guy, but he is super awesome. Training is stressful, but not as stressful as whitewashing. I have no clue what I am supposed to do, and the last Elders didn't leave us much to work with. So it's kind of like opening a new area.

Everyone in my district is either training or in training, so we're pretty green here in JC. A crazy thing here is that there is a a huge army base so everyone here has military ties. We can go on the military base, but we can't proselyte on base, or the MPs will get us! It's sort of a hassle to get on base, you have to go and get a pass every week to get on base, and almost every dinner is on base. We didn't have a car this week, so we had to ask for a lot of member rides, which was good so we could get to know them!

It's been difficult for us to learn the area, meet the members, and find investigators, but somehow we did alright this week. We have somuch potential to baptize out here,now just have to have tremendous faith and lots of trust in the Lord.

One thing about JC is that out of all of Kansas, it probably has the most hills. So riding around on bikes is a little difficult, I mean it's not as bad as Utah, but seriously look up the Flint Hills, they are awesome!

I am hoping that I will finally get to stay somewhere for more than a transfer, hopefully 2, and that I will be able to do all of Elder Stirling's training. We are getting along awesomely, and I feel like he is training me way more than I am training him. Everywhere we go on our bikes we run into people and we are getting the courage to talk to everyone! That has always been a huge struggle for me on my mission, but so far we have seen fruit from that and I can testify that "greenie fire" is real!

Hopefully we will find lots of people this week, and have lots of people committed to coming to church! If we can do that, then baptism will be in the future for September. If there is one thing j want to teach Elder Stirling, is how to baptize, and the amazing feeling that comes from baptism. If he can learn that then his mission will be a success!

Kansas is awesome, and beautiful, and full of so many awesome people.

Love ya tons!

- Elder Andrasko

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