Thursday, August 11, 2016

Another Day in Paradise!

This week has been my best week since I came to Wichita for two
reasons, Crystal got baptized and Elijah got baptized!

That was the main highlight of the week, but there was other good
stuff along the way. We received this referral not too long ago,
someone named Brad had requested a bible and a short lesson. We go
over Wednesday at 10:00. We gave him the bible he requested , then
proceeded to teach out of the Book of Mormon. He asked us what he
needed to get one, we told him al, he needed to do is stick out his
hand. After a few more minutes he asked us if our churches do baptism.
We did not hesitate to put him on date at that time.

Another investigator is still a little weird about baptism, he tells us that he has
dreams about being baptized but his dream doesn't show which church.
He's waiting for like a sign, or for God to tell him or something. So
we are struggling to help him understand the why behind baptism.

So we got this referral a little while back and we were never able to
get into contact with her, so we tried again. When we got to the house
the garage door was open and there were several dogs in the house,
which there wasn't before. So we knew she was home this time, we ring
the doorbell and we hear the garage door close. Strange. So we ring
again, this time the garage opens and we hear her sprinting for the
car, the car then the car speeds away. So that was a bummer.

Saturday was awesome! We first when a baptism to someone else in the
zone. Afterwards we went to McDonalds to celebrate, there was a man
there who offered to pay for ALL a of us. He was a Catholic, but said
he respected what we did. So that was awesome. After our baptism we
went to Chipotle, then I found out that if you've never been it's
free! So free breakfast and lunch! Then for dinner our bishop took us
to a BBQ joint. So lots of awesome food.

Not much else went on this week, but baptisms are awesome so it was a good week.

- Elder Andrasko

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