Monday, July 11, 2016

More Than a Feeling

Elder Andrasko is in there somewhere!

This week has been really great! I've just been working super hard to
get to know my area!

Probably the biggest miracle we had this week was meeting Andrew.

Andrew is a former investigator that we decided to visit.  The first time
we went see him he was busy and told us to come back in a few hours.
When we showed up Elder LaMont started to talk to him and I went
around to talk to his son. When I finished talking with The son,
I went around to see how it was going with Andrew, both him and Elder
LaMont were having a Super spiritual experience and Elder LaMont said
it was the strongest he has felt the Spirit on his mission. We were
then invited into the house and finished our lesson. We found out that
Andrew has 7 children!! But he is living with his fiancé, and they are
not getting married till next year. Hopefully we can move their
wedding date up. We have seen him a few times and he is working
towards a baptism date!

We tried a ton of former investigators this week, and we found some
fruit with that, we met Anton. He's kind of different, but he said that he
believes the church is true, but he believes 11 other churches are
true too. He was talking about when Jesus fed the 5000 there were12
baskets left, he said that signified the 12 apostles and the 12
biggest churches and each of those 12 churches are true. So we need to
help him understand the restoration more haha.

This week we also met Gary and Larry, they are brothers who are
currently living with their mom who has cancer and only one year left
to live, so they are really open to growing their relationship with
Christ and are steadily progressing towards baptism. We found Larry
when we decided to just pull up to this apartment complex, and it
turns out that he lives right below a solid member. A few days later
we brought the member to go have a lesson with him, but he wasn't home
and we met his brother Gary.

Sorry for the short email, but I don't have much to write about this week haha.

I am loving my mission so much and am looking forward to baptizing in
the month of July! We have so much potential here and the members in
this ward are really cool and willing to come out.

Love y'all so much!

- Elder Andrasko

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