Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Elder Andrasko and Elder Colemere got to go to a baptism of someone they taught in Ark City! They had someone lined up to take them, but that fell through. Luckily, Charlie's brother-in-law, Shane, has a sister who lives in the area and she was able to drive them to the baptism.  Thanks Kari!!
This week was pretty sweet!

After a pretty not so awesome week we knew that we would have to work twice as hard to make sure this week was twice as better.

On Tuesday
after district meeting we were doing an exchange and I was going with the district leader to his area, but his companion asked for the keys so he could unlock the bike from the bike rack on the car, and soon after they had left. We got into the car then realized, "we didn't have the keys!" So we start calling Elder LaMont trying desperately to get the keys back, but they weren't answering the phone...so we called Sister Pinkerton, the member who we live with, to tell the Elders when they get there that they have our keys. Almost two hours had passed before they finally made it back with our keys and we could get to work. After all that missed time, we elected not to ride our bikes around.

The next morning we went to the gym, I hadn't been since I was in Ark so needless to say I was pretty sore after, and we had a service project to do. The zone leaders were at the project so Elder Colemere and I did a lot of messing around, but the job got done! Afterwards we exchanged back, after a district lunch at McDonald's, and went to work. We had a lesson scheduled with an investigators mom, who we had heard was 100% against her son being baptized, and how she hates our church, and blah blah blah. But when we met her it was a very pleasant surprise, half of her family is actually members, and some of her best friends, so she is very open to it. And now she and her two kids are working towards baptism! She's been to church a bunch of times but she currently works
on Sunday's
, so she's asking her boss for Sunday's off so she can come to church!

We've been working with this one investigator ever since I came here and this week at church he told us that he had a dream that he was baptized, and now he is determined he wants to be baptized. Which is completely different from when I first started teaching him, before he
told us that church was nice, but he wouldn't go to the point of being baptized.

So now we have four people progressing towards baptism! Two of which can be baptized this weekend, so we have to go as hard as we can to make it happen so we can baptize this month!

we had interviews with our new mission president, it was pretty good. But he asked Elder LaMont and I to prepare a role play for the next zone conference. Which kinda sucks, I can teach investigators well enough, but when I have to teach missionaries or lessons in church it just doesn't work out haha.

Well I don't have a lot of time to write today cause we have had to help the sisters move for the past 3 hours :P and we have dinner at 5:30, and we're on bikes. So not the most fun p day.

But love ya tons!

- Elder Andrasko

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