Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Getting Better All The Time

Haircut courtesy of DL

Every week so far seems to be better than the last.

So I guess last Sunday nobody had signed up to feed the missionaries
and the Branch President's wife, bless her heart, got really upset
about it. She was crying and everything, so needless to say we were
fed every day this week.

So T_______ has been kind of a flake lately, and it's really been
bumming us out. But Tuesday we drove by her house right as she pulled
in, so of course we were able to catch her before she went and hid
inside. She is such a nice lady, and always seems to enjoy our
message, but she just doesn't seem like she is ready for it yet. I'm
not sure we will be able to continue visiting with her, or at least
trying to visit with her. I've been told many times, "the fields are
white and ready to harvest, not brown and ready to plant." We've
already planted that seed, but she needs more time to let it grow.
Hopefully, something will change and she will be ready to listen.

So last week we met this guy, D_____, who seemed really cool and was
nice and open to our message. He doesn't really have an opinion on God,
so he doesn't say that he has been saved and shut the door on our
face. But we went back to see him Tuesday but he was to able to
read the chapter we left him from the Book of Mormon. But we were able
to talk about families and how important they are. We haven't been
able to get back into see him, we tried but he was in the middle of
dinner, then he didn't answer, so we'll see if he lets us back in.

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with the District Leader up in
Derby. It's a really difficult area and they are having trouble
finding people. We were able to talk with a few people, some really
hated us because they said, "A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible,
and there cannot be any more Bible"  - 2 Nephi 29:3. But we did get
one solid contact who had a real interest in our message. He was a
young guy who recently had a kid, his fiancé broke up with him, lost
his job, and had his car stolen. But he was still really positive
about it, but since this wasn't in my area I'm not sure what has come
out of it. Later that night the DL offered to cut my hair, I figured
it's a free hair cut, so why not? It's probably the shortest my hair
has ever been, it's not a bad thing, just different.

Thursday I went back with Elder Colemere to Ark and we were able to
meet with a ton of recent converts who haven't been to church a lot
lately. One just had a baby, so she has an excuse, another went to
church, but it was over conference so nobody was there. But they both
promised they would start coming again. After we had dinner with this
way cool young family, they ordered pizza so it was a pretty great

Later that night we were able to get in and see W_____, who we are
basically best friends with now, and he is 100% committed to getting
baptized on the 23rd. Elder Colemere and I were so happy that words
can't even explain. But at the same time we were nervous because
transfers are coming up and we didn't know if we would both be here to
see the baptism.

Friday we got a call in he morning asking if we can help move stuff
around, we of course said yes! They picked us up and drove us out to
the place, well it turns out everything was already done but he needed
to talk to someone about a contract. So we basically just sat around
for two hours, which was super lame. Later, we were able to meet with
a recent convert, 9 year old kid named J_____, he is a little stinker.
We met up and made sure everything is going alright and check if there
is anything we can do for their family. After we had to wait to be
picked up by a member who was taking us up to Winfield to have dinner- we
had pizza again! Just like every other night we were able to meet with
W____  and keep teaching him and making him more solid for baptism.

Saturday was a lot of missed appointments and meeting with members to
grow trust in the branch, which is an awesome branch. We just want to
get more referrals so we can find more people to teach, we might be a
little dry in the next month. Which is a big reason why I gave a talk
Sunday about member missionary work, I was nervous so I spent like
a whole week preparing for it.

It was a great week, and we are really excited for this coming
Saturday for W_____'s baptism. My week has been great, and I love it
out here!

- Elder Andrasko

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