Monday, July 17, 2017

The Circle of Life

Hey! Just another week in paradise!

So this week was July 4th, which was awesome! A member invited us over
for lunch and service. When we got there they had someone that we had
never met before, his name was Jason and he's from Kansas City. Anyway
through certain circumstances his dog ended up in Topeka with these
members and he came to get it. He helped us a ton with our service.
And afterwards we had a killer restoration lesson with him. We got him
referred over to the Missouri Independence Mission, hopefully
something good comes from that.

We saw a couple fireworks over at a members house, they had a few
pretty big ones so it was cool to see those go off. But they had a
couple crazy kids who set a garbage can on fire and threw firecrackers
at each other's faces. So after all that stuff it was time for us to
go home, we saw them later and nobody got hurt too bad.

Friday we had interviews with our mission president!! Now that is
always super awesome, we talked and he helped me with a few things and
gave me really good advice. We were also able to see John and we
talked a lot about the word of wisdom and he committed to at least try
it for 24 hours from Saturday at 2:30 to Sunday at 2:30
. Unfortunately
he wasn't able to completely abstain, but he did better.

During the training that the APs gave during the interviews they
committed us to having 30 contacts a day. So that's something we have
been working to achieve.

We were able to have a good day at church on Sunday; John, Eddie, and
Mequila came to church and stayed for all 3 hours! For John and Eddie
it was their first time staying for priesthood. They went to High
Priests and they loved it! It was an awesome Sunday.

Sorry for the shorter letter, but not too much to talk about this
week. We have zone conference tomorrow and I will be able to see a few
friends from around the mission!

Have a great week!

- Elder Andrasko

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