Monday, July 24, 2017

Sailin' On

Just Elder Andrasko and the boys!

Us and Ricky, Monica, and Daniel

Zone Activity - found some hay!

Found my name in a pamphlet from another church
Hey everyone!

So this week is transfer week, and unfortunately I will be leaving
Colly Creek :( but I am staying in Topeka and am reopening an area in
the Sherwood Ward. So Topeka has 4 wards and this will be the 3rd that
I will serve in! So that's cool. So one of the APs is coming into our
area of Colly Creek to train a new missionary, so all of our
investigators will be in good hands.

We had a good week of progression with our investigators, especially
Ricky and Monica. We gave them a children's Book of Mormon to read and
they finished it within a week! They are just soaking everything in.
Then on exchanges we taught them the plan of salvation and drew it out
for them, the next day when we came back with Elder Thompson they
explained the plan really well! Monica unfortunately wasn't able to
come to church this week because of certain circumstances, but she's
been to church before so it could probably get approved for her to get
baptized on the 5th with Ricky. But Ricky is so excited for his

John came to church his week, he really looks forward to priesthood at
the end. He loves studying out of the president Hinkley manual. So he
was sad this week when the lesson was from general conference. But we
really encouraged him to read over the talk they gave him, "perfect
love casteth out fear" by President Uchtdorf.

Sorry for the short email, but things are good. Just a lot to think
about for the coming transfer! My new companions name is Elder
Nathaniel Christianson, just to clarify because there are like 3 other
Elder Christiansons in the mission.

Have a killer week!

- Elder Andrasko

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