Friday, March 18, 2016

Week One - MTC

MTC? It's a little meh. Food is okay, I'd much rather have some home cookin' but nothing's wrong with a little questionable food.

Anyway everything has been going pretty good, they made me District Leader so I have a little more added responsibility. Mostly just assigning other people to do the stuff I don't want to do, like give lessons or say prayers. But it's fun I get to check the mail, so it's always exciting to open the mailbox and see something that is for me, especially when it says I have a package, thanks for that by the way!

Anyway the MTC is mostly just class time, it's basically school, but for your soul. But I sit right next to the window, so occasionally I'll look out the window and see people having a life, like today I saw some dude riding his roller blades around without a shirt on, he looked like he had an exciting life. But I am happy that I get to devote my life, the next two years of it anyway, to the Lord. 

Sunday was a super neat experience, so every Sunday there is a devotional, and this week happened to be President Stephen B. Allen, who was the speaker when I was here in July. And everything that happened after that I credit to him, so I basically got to hear from the man who changed my life, I made sure that I could go shake his hand and thank him. I also went to choir practice, which I never thought I would do in a million years, mostly because my voice sounds awful, but it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. The song we practiced was "This is the Christ" it was pretty hard for me not to cry the whole way through it.

The best part of my days here at the MTC might just be the hour of exercise time that we get, I get to unwind and play some ball. Although I learned on Tuesday that I shouldn't go too hard, it makes the rest of the day so much harder. But it's nice to just get out of the classroom and run around for a bit.

My companion is a nice guy, his name is Elder Hyatt, he's not related to the hotel chain though, and he's from Texas. We get along pretty well, and his testimony is really helping mine. The first counselor in the Branch Presidency felt that it was important to tell me about his girlfriend, and that she is planning on going on a mission. So I learned that much more about him. 
Tuesday was another devotional, it was the night that the choir was able to perform, although I sounded awful everyone else helped pick up the slack, it was really beautiful. The Speaker was Elder Zkdfnkl, or something like that. He is from a different country so his name is really confusing and I don't have my journal next to me so I can see how it is spelled.

Oh I also found out that I am leaving nearly a week earlier than the rest of my district, guess they need me out in Kansas.

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